Road to Endgame: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Until the trailer dropped, I don’t think anyone was expecting anything out of this movie.  When they announced Guardians of the Galaxy, I only really knew about Rocket.  And my knowledge of him was limited to “He’s a raccoon that carries huge guns!”  Beyond that, I knew nothing about nobody.

Then the trailer hit, and it just blows up the internet.  Hell, it was so awesome, I suddenly had Hooked on a Feeling on my playlist.  I still find the completely unnecessary “Ooga Chaka” chant ridiculous.  My theory is they were trying to rip off the chanting from The Lion Sleeps Tonight and figured any chanting would do.

So as per usual, Marvel backs up a good trailer with a better movie.  Guardians of the Galaxy looked at The Avengers “We’re a timebomb” and said, “Hold my Beer.”  These people literally have tried to kill each other at various times during the movie and somehow save an entire world.  Yes, sure, GALAXY if we assume that Ronan would have continued his path of destruction.

To one up everything, they use “Friendship is Magic” to save the wor-Galaxy.  I’m still not sure whether that is awesome or lame.  TO THIS DAY!

Honestly this movie is just too hilariously awesome.  Everyone brings their own realm of comedy to the movie.  Star Lord just has his wit, Gamora is the straight man, Rocket lampshades everything, Drax is literal to the point of insanity, and Groot is Groot.  Add in that everyone has emotional depth that shows in their character that gives everything weight.

One thing that made it difficult to accept readily in the MCU was that other than introducing another infinity stone, and laying out the infinity stones in general, it felt set apart from the rest of the Earth based MCU.  We didn’t even get to see it cross paths with the other MCU characters until Infinity War.

But I guess that can be seen as building the anticipation.

So what more can I say than, “We Are Groot.”

Next we go back to earth to try and nearly destroy it again in Age of Ultron.

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