TemplarKnight’s Favorite Holiday Movies HD-Remastered!

Hrmmm. . . . What should I do for December?

Worst Christmas Movies Ever 2? Do I even have enough movies for that? No, not this year.

Use this other idea I had for a month of bad [REDACTED] movies? It isn’t really holiday related. Probably would work better for Halloween.

You know, I haven’t even finished King’s Halloween, The Dark Universe, or ThanksKilling 2, so should I REALLY be starting a big Christmas project? Probably not.

So just nothing?



I have an idea.

And I totally didn’t spoil it by making it the title of the post everyone clicked on to get here.


(How is it HD-Remastered?)

Cause it is on the site now instead of just on facebook. And I’ve slightly edited some of the posts. Maybe.

Gotta pay full theater prices to see that 18 seconds of all new footage- I mean writing.

Yeah, it is just a reference to when game companies re-release a game on a later system as an “HD Remaster.” Cause explaining the joke makes it funnier.

Yes, this is kind of a cop out since most of the work is already done and all I have to do is find the old post and repost, but hey. . . shut up.

When I originally did the list, I didn’t make any particular order to the movies. And that is how it will stay. The movie at the end IS my favorite movie, but the rest are just sort of where I put them when I felt like it. Also these are HOLIDAY movies as opposed to Christmas movies because they aren’t all Christmas oriented.

So without further ado, I give you my favorite Holiday movies.

P.S. I’ve finished watching all the King movies and ThanksKilling 2, I just need to write the reviews. Dark Universe is SUPER back burner at this point.

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