Favorite Holiday Movies HD-Remastered!: Mrs. Santa Claus



THIS one!

8. Mrs. Santa Claus

I’m not sure how many people are aware this movie even exists. For me the most memorable song was where the evil toy factory owner was singing about how the toys only needed to last until Christmas.

Obviously back before return policies.

Angela Lansbury plays Mrs. Santa Claus. And of course she is the epitome of grandmotherly grace. She is so heartwarming I would let her bake me into a pie and feel good about it.

We seriously need to have Angela Lansbury and Betty White do a buddy cop film before one of them dies.

Mrs. Clause(DAMNIT)-Claus appears to be the soul behind the toyshop in the North Pole. She is the one the elves credit with keeping everything perfect. However, she feels neglected and that she could be doing more. Santa is busy reading all the letters because they are addressed to him and he doesn’t want to shortchange the writer by delegating it to someone else.

Mrs. Claus suggests that he take a different route this Christmas in order to save time. Santa ignores her because he’s busy. So Mrs. Claus steals the reindeer and sleigh and decides to test run her route.

She ends up crash landing in Florida and getting help from the Ice Cream Bunny New York in year 1910. One of the reindeer sprains its leg and she has to stay in New York for one week while it heals. Oh and this is a week before Christmas.

So Mrs. Clause(F***!)-Claus decides to go under the Pseudonym Mrs. North which will thankfully be easier to not misspell in this review.

She ends up working in a Toy Shop called Tavish Toys run by a man who looks a LOT like Hugh Laurie, but in fact played Bob in the Dresden Files TV series. He sings a song mirroring the opening Mrs. Santa Claus song where instead of the elves singing her praises, he sings about the toys will break immediately.

Mrs. North is staying with Tzeitel from Fiddler on a Roof and her Suffragette daughter, Sadie. Mrs. North assists Sadie with her cause, and Sadie in turn gives advice on how to deal with Tavish.

Throughout the movie, they break into several musical numbers. No other real commentary.

Back in the North Pole, Santa has noticed that the Hot Cocoa tastes bad. This results in him finally noticing that Mrs. Claus has been gone for two days. This results in him getting depressed. The elves try and break him out of it with a surprise dance number, but it just results in a lot of awkward stares.

Returning to New York, Mrs. North decides to enact a slow down at Tavish toys. They manage to stick together and route Tavish’s threats. For about 30 seconds. Then forces them to work Christmas day. Then they sell out Mrs. North immediately. She gets fired.

Mrs. North then decides to not only steal the plot from Mary Poppins but Newsies as well. She inspires all the children in New York to Strike! Sadly no awesome strike song, but I can imagine it being cut in later. Tavish is seen fuming.

Mrs. North goes to the Policeman’s ball where she is dubbed “The Mrs. Santa Claus of Avenue A.” Throughout the movie she nudged a few couples together, but now she is finally missing her Mr. Santa Claus. So she decides it is time to go home, now that the reindeer is all better.

But the Reindeer ARE GONE! Mr. Tavish has stolen them, after detailing out how he figured out Mrs. North’s TRUE IDENTITY! Dastardly clever of him, even to admit Santa is real. Apparently his brother stole his teddy bear as a child and thus he hated the Holiday ever since.

Mrs. North convinces him to give up evil and he agrees. CHRISTMAS IS SAVED! Mrs. Claus makes it back to North Pole. Santa decides to let Mrs. Claus join in on the sleigh ride this year.

Honestly, it is a nice little movie that I recommend most people check out.

Next Time: Animated Musical next. . .

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