Obligatory Welcome Post (mind the dust)

(originally posted on Feb 1st, 2019 when I created the site, date changed in order to be the oldest post on the site)

Welcome to the first post.  If you have already read everything else, you’ve reached the beginning and have nowhere left to go.  If you are looking to start from the beginning, you can start here, though technically this is the middle.

I have been posting random stuff on my Facebook wall for a few years now.  I’ve posted the occasional midnight review back when I had a job that got off at 11pm and I would then drive to the local Cinemark and see a new movie at midnight.  Then around Christmas time in 2016, I decided to post my favorite Christmas songs.  In October 2017, I decided to watch a bunch of the Classic Universal Monster Movies (which I never finished).  Then later that Christmas, I posted my favorite Christmas Movies.  In 2018, I did “The Worst Halloween movies Ever!” in October and “The Worst Christmas movies Ever!” in December.  While doing all that, I would occasionally post reviews of current movies that I saw in theaters.

Well it is all well and good to post for the captive audience of my Facebook friends list, I wanted to at least ATTEMPT a larger audience.  I tried posting publicly and IMMEDIATELY got a bot trying to advertise illegal downloads.  So back to private I went.  However, I still wanted to put my posts out there, so here we are.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, I will get my back log of posts up.  Then I will get them categorized so you can look at what you specifically want to.  Until I have all that up, this will be considered “under construction” and will probably permanently stay that way because I’m to lazy to finish what I st

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