McFarland USA

This week: McFarland USA

Did Kevin Costner do something REALLY racist recently? First Black and White where he is trying to show how not Racist he is (while saying the N word in the middle of the street. . . And in a court of law) and then in this movie where he adopts a Mexican lifestyle and sense of culture.

I’m just curious what’s next? This would be a great spot for a cut away to his next film which ALSO has a white guy learning about a different culture starring Kevin Costner, but sadly, I am not willing to do the research.

Anywho, it’s largely a movie about cross country running and Mexican culture(they are from California, so they descend from Mexico, get off me). So if you can watch that for over two hours, you may like this movie. If you find that incredibly boring, skip it.

I enjoyed it, but probably won’t be seeing it again.

Next Week: Focus or The Lazarus Effect. The witty banter movie with super serious trailer music, or the horror movie that decided to go the extra mile and kill the black guy in the trailer.

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