Isn’t It Romantic

This Week: Isn’t It Romantic

So the movie I wanted to see this week was Alita: Battle Angel. My Fiancé wanted to see What Men Want. However, due to it being Valentine’s Day, we figured the more appropriate movie to see was Isn’t It Romantic.

My Fiancé loved it, I. . . enjoyed it fine. Although it isn’t bad, there just isn’t a lot to it.

I just didn’t think it was that funny. The funniest parts of the movie are any time Rebel Wilson tries to say the word “F***” or when she finds out she can’t have sex, just gets right to the point of about to have sex and then wakes up the next morning. Both of which appear in the trailers.

There was no seriously funny moment. Also, for a movie that is about subverting the tropes of Romantic comedies, it kinda sticks to them. There is no real surprise on where the story goes and who she ends up with.

So it’s okay, but I call it a skip. Unless you just REALLY like the comedy of Rebel Wilson, then go right ahead.

Next Week: Fighting with my Dragon: The Hidden World

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