Captain Marvel

This Week: Captain Marvel

99% of this movie is Fanta- err. . . AMAZ- wait. . . Superior? No definitely not.

God, a good adjective will come to me.

Brie Larson is great. Jude Law is great. The story is great. Just over all a fun movie.

And the damn cat. Holy jeez the damn cat! Get that cat its own movie in Phase 4. Bump Black Widow again if need be.

The one percent that I didn’t care for in this film. . . was Nick Fury. Honestly it just kind of lacks the Bad Ass Mother F***er that we are used to from this series. He is clearly out of his depth in this movie and doesn’t have the same swagger he does in the other films. Now this can be taken as his first real foray into the unknown, and he hasn’t developed his sheer gravitas yet, but it just seems like the wrong Samuel L Jackson this time around.

But other than that the movie is. . . Uncanny? Invincible? Spectacular? Oh, I got it, INCREDIBLE!

Next Week: Captive Park Apart. The heartwarming tale of a girl with cystic fibrosis who finds a magical theme park in a world that has been taken over by aliens.

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