TemplarKnight meets the Universal Monsters!

Originally Posted September 30th, 2017

Coming this October. . .


So after last year ranking all my favorite Christmas movies, I thought, “Hey, I should do my favorite Halloween/Horror movies. But that would be a damn short list. It would be The Crow, Nightmare Before Christmas, a few Halloween specials, and maybe some Friday the 13th.

I have never been a big Horror buff. If something even SOUNDED scary, I would avoid it like the plague until I got FULL GUARANTEES it was not scary. Hell, I avoided Dead Poet Society for a time simply because I thought it was gonna be traumatic.

So as I am getting over some of my needless childhood fears, I figured I would watch some classic horror movies this halloween I had been avoiding and review them. One of the ones on the top of that list was The Shining, because Jack Nicholson looks fantastic in some scenes. So I was going to compile a random list of movies I needed to see and go from there.

Then Universal Pictures dropped this trailer for their Upcoming “Dark Universe” and that whole plan went into the trash.

I went to Amazon, found a set of 30 classic Universal Monster movies and planned my October. 30 Films, 30 reviews, in 31 days.

Can the original tales and monsters still inspire terror after all these years later?

Are these classic monsters still cinematic triumphs, or are they just campy movies of their time?

Only time shall tell.

Turn out the lights, say your prayers, and roll a SAN check. For tomorrow we start with the Count.

Tomorrow: Dracula (1931)

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