Road to Endgame


In 2008, Iron Man arrived in theaters and with one end credits scene, changed the movie industry for the next decade or more.  For 11 years now, we’ve been watching an interconnected universe of movies build and come together 3 times.  Now we come to the 4th and maybe final time for many of these heroes.

For the last two Avengers movies, I participated in an in theater marathon watching a dozen movies that lead up to the latest Avengers movies.  So when the new movie played, I knew I was in that theater with the most die hard of fans.

Sadly this year I won’t be able to join in the festivities.  I can’t get the time off of work and due to my upcoming nuptials, I can’t justify throwing down $125+ to join the fun.

What I CAN do is watch all the movies again before it comes out, and write fancy new reviews for all of them.  I probably should have started this a week ago, but unfortunately my Phase 1 Blu-Ray set was packed away and most of the movies aren’t available for free for streaming.  Hopefully I have everything on Blu-Ray or Streaming.

Update: A couple of the movies are out of order from release date. Incredible Hulk got moved so my Fiancé could watch it with me, because she hadn’t seen it before. Captain Marvel jumped up early because we needed to see that in theaters and we couldn’t time it to just before Endgame. Infinity War got pushed back so we could rewatch it JUST before leaving for Endgame.

So to begin the long road to Endgame, lets start with the movie that started it all. . .

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