This Week: Hellboy (2019)


Fun Fact: I briefly thought, “I need to look up the year this came out so I can differentiate it from the Ron Perlman movies.”  It came out this year.  The year of our Lord 2019.

Sometimes I think I need to return my college degree.  Clearly I scammed people to get it.

Anywho, HELLBOY!  I really enjoyed this movie.  It has creepy imagery and is an action spectacle.  I think David Harbour does a great job as Hellboy.

I do have a couple of issues with the movie:
1. Although the movie does a great job in visual effects for most of the movie, there is a scene where Hellboy is fighting 3 giants and it just looks awful.  It seriously like Hellboy is just running in place in front of green screen for a part of it.  Hellboy also “clips” through one of the giant swords at one point, like it was a rushed Ubisoft game.
2.  They build up Hellboy as one of the world’s best paranormal investigators.  They even demonstrate that he is very clever in dealing with certain paranormal threats, such when Hellboy banished Baba Yaga to an alternate dimension as a way to defeat her.  The problem is that they don’t really use this in the movie.  Hellboy pretty much just acts like a red Hulk and just throws himself at a problem and hopefully manages to punch or shoot it into a solution.  I don’t know how it is in the comics, but I would have liked to see a bit more than, “Punch or Shoot to win.”

Otherwise, I think it is a pretty good movie.  I don’t think I’m going to try comparing it to the old movies, because that way lies madness.  I would like a sequel, but I think behind the scenes problems and lackluster rotten tomatoes score might hinder that.

Next Week: The Curse of Teen Spirit.  A Mexican ghost enters a cut throat singing competition.

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