Road to Endgame: Iron Man 3(2013)


Iron Man 3(2013)

I really enjoyed this movie(how many times am I going to say this line?).  Honestly it is a change of pace for the Iron Man films where he isn’t fighting another villain that eventually has his own Evil Iron Man armor.  This movie has flaws, but not to the same degree that Iron Man 2 had.

Honestly the first 80-90% of the movie is great.  The story is intriguing, there is the unfolding of a mystery.  Who is the Mandarin? What is happening with the explosions? Where does AIM and Aldrich Killian fit into all this?  On top of that, Tony is dealing with the traumatic experiences from The Avengers. It’s a really compelling character arc.

Honestly, I’m not even all that disappointed about the Mandarin being faked.

No that’s not true, I am disappointed.  Part of me does want to see that play out properly.  However, I also really like the Trevor reveal.  It’s hilarious and it makes perfect sense within the story.

Another disappointment is Aldrich Killian being the big bad SIMPLY because they didn’t think they could sell toys of Maya Hansen as the villain.  It would have been much more interesting to have that additional twist.

The part where the movie just kind of becomes a mess is the big climactic battle at the end after the President is kidnapped and the House Party Protocol is activated.  I agree with “How it Should Have Ended” and the House Party Protocol should have been activated after posting his home address on the news.  It would have saved a LOT of trouble and negated half the movie.

At this point the climax is a mess and hard to follow.  I mean like Transformers hard to follow.  It’s dark, you don’t know what’s happening, and all the armors look the same fighting a seemingly endless army of extremis soldiers who all look the same.  Not to mention all the ups and downs of the fight.

After all is said and done, Tony then makes a baffling series of decisions.  He decides to blow up all his remaining armor suits, then has surgery to finally get the shrapnel removed.  If he gave up being Iron Man, then yes, that would work, but all the remaining movies make it clear he doesn’t.  Also, why did he not get the surgery earlier.  You know, like in Iron Man 2 when he was dying from arc reactor in his chest.  Was the surgery just not available three years earlier?

Like I said, most of the movie is great, but it just kind of stumbles in the end.

Ya know, fun fact, I worked for Verizon Fios when this movie came out, and Verizon Fios is Not available in Tennessee, where the product placement primarily takes place.

Next we see probably the worst of the MCU in Thor: The Dark World.

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