Road to Endgame: Ant Man (2015)


Ant Man (2015)

So Ant Man was in the pipeline for a LONG time.  I remember hearing about talk about an Ant Man film back when it first became apparent the Avengers Universe was becoming a thing.  We kept hearing about this awesome test footage of Ant Man shrinking and growing to punch a guy.

This went on so long that I didn’t buy that we were getting an Ant Man film until we actually started seeing trailers.

The Marvel movies exist on sort of a spectrum.  The Avengers and Captain America movies are on the more serious end of the spectrum, and the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man movies exist on the more comedic end of the spectrum.  Keep in mind that all of the Marvel movies have comedy and serious elements, but Ant Man is a lot more silly and light hearted than Winter Soldier.

Ant Man is a great movie.  Paul Rudd plays a brilliant Scott Lang.  I was really glad they went with the Scott Lang version of Ant Man because he has the most interesting story in my opinion.  Hank Pym’s Ant Man is just too much of a dick to get behind.

The Villain is Yellow Jacket, which although would have been fantastic to have Lang VS Pym, is actually the Darren Cross version.  So once again we have Ant Man VS Evil Ant Man.  But honestly, the fight between Ant Man and Yellowjacket is one of the funniest fights I have seen in the MCU.

Honestly, when comedies are well done, there usually is not much to say about them.  You can repeat all the jokes that made you laugh and talk about parts you enjoyed, but outside of that, there’s only so much to say.

I am curious how the Edgar Wright version would have turned out, but you can still see some finger prints on it.

So what happens when you take a character from the comedic end of the MCU and toss him into the serious end of the pool?  We’ll find out at the beginning of Phase 3.

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