Road to Endgame: Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Captain America: Civil War (2016)

When I found out the title of the next Captain America movie, I freaked out.  When I heard rumor of Spider-man possibly making it into the movie, I lost it.  When the trailer dropped that included Spider-man, I had to change my pants three times!


Okay, lets just say I was excited.  So I was dead set to see this AS SOON as it came out.

Which made me really frustrated when I was trapped on a cruise around the Carribean and was unable to make a theater on the night it came out.  (angrily sips rum punch from a pineapple)

So I ended up seeing it about 2 or 3 days after it released.  Most of the time, the MCU movies do pretty well to meet or exceed my expectations.

This was sadly not one of those times.  Mainly due to Spider-man.


I wanted it to be “Spider-man makes the Avengers get along!”  Unfortunately due to the rights not being a sure thing, Spider-man’s role had to be expendable.  Ultimately he could have been taken out of the movie completely and not changed a thing.

Not going to say I didn’t enjoy him in it.  The fight at the airport where he takes on the Winter Soldier AND the Falcon was just fantastic.

Oh wait, I mean Amazing, Spectacular, or Superior.  Those are the adjectives I’m allowed to use.

My ideal Spider-man would have been the bridge between the two sides.  He is the nerdy scientist like Tony Stark, but also the idealist boy scout like Steve Rogers.  But due to Sony and Marvel dragging things out so long, that role got relegated to Black Panther.  Which made my sister happy at least (Black Panther is her favorite).

So with my expectations sky high, the movie that everyone was raving about kind of dissappointed me.

However, I have since gotten over it.  Kinda.

It is an amazing movie.  I really liked the change up of Baron Zemo.  I really like his characterization and motivation.  I hope we see him in more movies.  I am glad he isn’t just the next Hydra villain to keep the ball rolling.  As far as I’m concerned, Hydra is done.  Until the Russo brothers bring them back for something else later.

One thing I have to say is that I keep thinking back to the first Captain America movie and how it ends with triumphant victory music.  We haven’t really had that since.  Captain America movies always end with Cap winning the day, but there is a sadness there.

Every victory now is coming with a loss.  In this, there isn’t even a real victory.  They just managed to survive.  This time.

So we move past the science and technology, and move into the realm of the master of mysticism, Doctor Strange.

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