Road to Endgame: Captain Marvel (2019)


Captain Marvel (2019)

I JUST reviewed this movie!  I have to do it again?!?  Ugh, FINE!

The first time I watched this movie, I loved everything about it except for Nick Fury.

After rewatching all the other Marvel movies, I am slightly more accepting of this Nick Fury.  He’s young and not as sure of himself as the Fury that has “seen some shit.”  So the Fury that depends on a cat to save him is not the same as one that thought he was bad ass enough to take out a fighter jet with a hand gun  He thought about it at least.

There are some things that bug me about the movie.

One of the big things about this movie is the fact it takes place in the 90’s.  Thus it is chock full of 90’s nostalgia and gags.  Or. . . like 4 or 5 of them?  She crash lands in a Blockbuster, gets a Gameboy and other electronics from RadioShack(I don’t EVER remember RadioShack selling gameboys, but whatever), 2 way pagers are a thing, and low grade computers and spycraft.  Oh and the Stan Lee cameo of him reading the Mallrats script.  Hell I think Guardians of the Galaxy has more references to the 80’s than this does to the 90’s.  Not that it drags the movie down, but it is just odd that a movie that went with a Geocities theme for its website only has a few 90’s references.

Another is the mythology gags.  The name for the Avengers Initiative comes from Carol Danvers callsign.  In the comics her callsign was Cheeseburger.  I, for one, would be all for the Cheeseburger Initiative.  Marvel’s The Cheeseburgers.  Cheeseburger: Age Of Ultron.  Cheeseburger: Infinity War.  Cheeseburg-(WE GET IT!). . .endgame.  If it was from the comics, or was built in naturally, that would be one thing.  But throwing it in this late in the game, just seems disingenius and forced.

Also I still don’t care for how Fury lost his eye.  It robs some of the depth in Winter Soldier.  AND WE DON’T F**K WITH WINTER SOLDIER!

Admittedly, I guess their aren’t going to be any more stories that go into the past, so have to squeeze those answers in there SOMEWHERE.

One of the things I legitmately enjoyed was the Skrull twist.  We have been beaten over the head with how shitty the Kree are.  They Sucked in Guardians of the Galaxy.  They sucked in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  AND GUESS WHERE THEY SUCK AGAIN?  That’s right, Captain Marvel.  Except they are initially set up as the good guys when compared to the Skrulls.  And it is easy to hate the Skrulls, because they have been the villainous race all throughout Marvel’s history.  But, they have yet to show up in the MCU until now.  So why would they be a threat back in the 90’s, but not in the 20 odd some years since?  Because they are not the bad guys.  In fact, if you look into the Skrull history, the only became the militiristic villains AFTER long drawn out war with the Kree.  They originally were a mercantile race who believed in free trade and cooperation.  But the Kree being total assholes kind of turned them into total assholes.

Also we get spared the evil Captain Marvel as the villain.  Her actual villains were holding her back and when she loses the restraints, she just stomps all over them.

Overall, the story is great, the characters are great, AND THE CAT IS GODLIKE!

And now to a character that wasn’t even born until after the 90’s, Spider-man!

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