Road to Endgame: Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

I attended a Marathon leading up to the release of Infinity War.  Sadly it was only 11 of the 19 movies available at the time.  So it wasn’t as complete a marathon as I would have liked.  Worse was that the movies they cut out were all the middle bits.  It didn’t even include Thor Ragnarok, which is VITAL to the lead up to Infinity War.  But once again, I was in a theater(or two) with over a hundred people for about 36 hours.  So when we got to the ending, we had true fans just get ripped apart.  I desperately wish I was knee deep in this years Marathon that is ALL 22 Marvel movies, but sadly, I am not.  If I was, I would not be able to do these reviews, so you guys win?

This movie is just beyond good.  The Russo Brothers are just absolute masters of movie making.  I’m not sure anyone else could consistently take all these characters, give them significant screen time, and make them all have weight.  No character gets a back burner.  Well, except Drax, but no more back burner than in his own movies.  He just stays so still. . .

One of the most surprising aspects of this movie is Thanos.  Marvel has a fairly rough history when it comes to villains.  Or at least that is the common complaint.  I think a majority of the villains are fairly compelling, but they are one offs that won’t really go beyond the one movie.  We figured Thanos was going to just be a big angry threat, but not terribly compelling.

Boy were we wrong.

Thanos has great motivation, and it is almost reasonable.  For a guy who wants to wipe out half of everything.  Josh Brolin does a spectacular job bringing depth to the mad Titan.

This movie also had moment on top of moment of audience reactions.  Thor showing up in Wakanda got a huge cheer from the Audience.  We also thought he almost won.  But then the snap happened.  And the joy turned to ash in our mouths.

Oh yeah, Peter Dinklage is in this film.  He plays a giant dwarf.  Yeah, it is a thing.

As phenomenal as this film is, there are a few things that are only so-so.  Speaking of Peter Dinklage, his the effect they used to make him seem like a giant was kinda off.  Not as distracting as, say, the scene where Hellboy is fighting giants, but it seemed a little weird.  Also I was never sold on Iron Man’s armor.  It seems like it needed a few more renders to look “real.”  Also all the CGI of Thanos and his Minions looks like a really good video game render, but not believable as they really exist.

Now the part that pissed everyone off.  Star Lord screwing up the plan.  He didn’t change character.  He is the one who started shooting the crap out of his Celestial Planet Father the SECOND he admitted to killing his mother.  That is honestly one of the biggest things that this marathon reminded me of.  Star Lord will give up the power of the cosmos to strike out at those who hurt his loved ones.

So we were all shocked when the snap happened and at the end.  Characters that we just met are scattered to the dust.  We all “know” that they will be back, but it was still emotionally devastating.

This movie is not for kids, and DEFINITELY not for my mother.

We didn’t warn her.

We are still in trouble.

Hopefully she’ll let us back in the house after Endgame.

And now let it begin.

Next Time: Avengers: Endgame.

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