The Invisible Man (1933)

Originally Posted October 4th, 2017



So invisibility has been the least desirable power for me as far as usefulness. Unless you plan to commit crime, it is kind of useless. Especially considering you have to be naked to use it effectively. My favorite user of Invisibility is The Shadow, which is more accurately convincing people he is not there rather than being truly invisible. It helps he doesn’t have to be naked to use it.

This is one of the first monsters that isn’t anything more than just human. Although he becomes monstrous, he is simply a human. What’s interesting is that he ends up with a much higher kill count than any of the other monsters combined up to this point.

I loved Claude Rains performance. He just seemed to have so much fun with the role. Also the patrons and owners of the Lion’s Head were so much fun. The Hysterical screaming innkeeper’s wife was just great.

My notes for the film:

-Claude Raines (The Invisible One) Spooky Scary.

-Nice little player piano joke.

-What? It’s as if you’ve never had a mysterious figure walk in out of the cold before!

-Sorry, not a lot of jokes or observations to make here, far too engrossed in performances.

– I do not wish to be disturbed.(five seconds and one disturbance later) WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!?

-and now to the family Dr. Franke- I mean Dr. Griffin left behind.

-Okay, Dr. Kemp seems to be trying to steal Dr. Griffin’s girl.

-And back to the Lion’s Head

– My god that woman seems to scream at the drop of a hat. It’s just a tray, you crazy broad!

-Yeah, the mysterious stranger routine only works when you can pay your debts, otherwise you are just a mysterious bum.

-Ouch, that’s a nasty fall down the stairs.

-And more hysterical screaming.

-your power is being invisible. That’s it. You can’t be warning people about anything.


-Wow, rather astute reasoning from this country policeman. “He’s invisible, as long as he’s dressed, we can catch him.”

-Though apparently him wearing a shirt is still too much for you.

-I guess being invisible just requires you to mess with people. Can’t just escape, you have to screw with people’s perceptions of reality.

-Yeah, I’m less bothered by talking with an invisible person and more bothered with an invisible person whom I know to be sitting in my chair naked.

-Wow, turn invisible and just immediately decide, “Let’s rule the world, Just you and I!”

-Huh, here you are having a big meeting to prove whether or not an invisible man is terrorizing your town, and when a door mysteriously opens and you immediately assume some kids did it?

-And more hysterical screaming.

-Okay, it is ONE invisible man. When that ONE invisible man is strangling one person, the rest of you try and grab the invisible guy who is doing the strangling.

-My that is a long long list of weaknesses. I hope the person you are telling this to doesn’t turn against you.

-damn, took you long enough to move the body!

-We are searching for an invisible man! Good luck.

-A thousand police officers out LITERALLY beating around the bush, and the invisible man is at home sleeping comfortably.


-God damn, people are trying way too hard to get a crime stoppers reward. “Throw paint on him and shoot him, now when do I get my 1000£?”

-yeah, he’s going to kill you all. Just, all of you.

-Dr Griffin to his fiancé:”That funny little head.” Okay, what is 1930’s obsession with heads?

-And back to the insanity speech, but I have to admit, she is taking it well.

-come on, don’t insult the poor girl’s father.

-Damn, this guy took one minor power, and went FULL ON SUPER VILLAIN MONOLOGUE MODE!

– we shall defeat the invisible man BY HOLDING HANDS!

-And hand holding failed miserably

-Okay, yeah, I would also enjoy freaking people out by being a disembodied pair of skipping singing pants.

-and just killed two people, for no real reason.

-HOLY SHIT HE DERAILED A GOD DAMN TRAIN! Which I guess you don’t need to be invisible to do, but GOD DAMN!

-Uh, if you are carrying a tray of money around, you are able to be found.

-alright children gather round gather round.

-Again, he is INVISIBLE, not insubstantial. He can’t go through walls.

-oh shit, they just spraypainted that poor cat. I wonder what peta thought about this film.

-Wow, those old cars burst into flames REAL good.

-YES I SHALL RULE THE WORLD WITH MY AWESOME POWER, but have to sleep on a bed of straw for the night.

-Bit extreme to burn down the barn to catch someone.

-and shot dead.

-Weird ending, he becomes visible after he died. But at least it wasn’t the abrupt ending as the others gave.

Over all, I enjoyed this one a lot. Still not scary, but my god the voice acting and melodrama can’t be beat.

Tomorrow Night: Dracula, The Mummy, and the Invisible Man all had love interests to pursue and give them purpose, now it is time for the monster to be the Bride.

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