Judy (2019)

This Week: Judy (2019)

So with Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman paving the way for musical biopics, I had high hopes for Judy. I went in expecting the story of Judy Garland’s life. And maybe some decent musical numbers along the way.

Well, you don’t really get that. You get the final performances of Judy Garland’s life. She ends up taking a 5 week gig in London and it shows the struggles she has with pills, sleep, and finding the will to perform.

It briefly flashes back to her life when she was 15, but only a spot here or there where you can see how she turned into what she was in the end.

We get a good rendition of Over the Rainbow at the end. Then it mentions her death 6 months later.

Although the acting by Renee Zellweger is phenomenal, and everything is very professionally done, it doesn’t seem much more than a Lifetime movie. Save for the singing.

I would have just liked more of Judy Garland’s life. Gotten a whole story instead of just the end.

Maybe with Judy Garland, there is just too much story to tell.

Next Week: Joker. And other things. . .

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