Favorite Holiday Movies HD-Remastered!: Reindeer Games


23. Reindeer Games

Yeah, probably not what you’d call a GOOD movie, and has in some spots just some weird twists, but hey, I like it, and it’s my damn list.

Ben Affleck plays a car thief who is two days away from retireme- wait, nevermind, two days away from being released from prison. His cell mate, Nick is also being released in two days, or at least he was until he gets stabbed to death in a prison riot.

Ben gets out and then runs into Nick’s pen pal, Ashley(Charlize Theron). Ben pretends to be Nick and thus starts his entry into r/TIFU.

Ashley’s Brother Gabriel(Gary Sinise) and his gang kidnap Ben because Nick used to work at a Casino. They plan to rob the casino dressed as Santas and use Nick’s knowledge to get the megabucks!

So Ben leans on everything that the real Nick told him about the Casino and actually manages to be somewhat useful. In between escape attempts that is. During one escape attempt he comes across Ashley and Gabriel pulling a Cersei and Jaime.

Then we find out they aren’t actually related. Oh thank god!

Stay close Shyamalan, we’re gonna need you.

Also Ashley isn’t being used by Gabriel, she helped plan it. Ringleader even.

Ben, Gabriel, and the gang storm the Casino as Santas. A couple of the red shirted Santas get killed and then Ashley rams a car into the Casino and Ashley reveals that she is in on the Heist. Because she didn’t know that Ben already knew.

Oh, hey they have others.

So they make it to the Manager’s office and suddenly everyone figures out that Ben isn’t Nick. Just before they are about to kill Ben for not being Nick, Ben tells them about the Pow Wow safe. The Manager opens the Pow Wow safe. . . and pulls the guns out of the safe and starts shooting everybody.

Ben knew it was loaded with guns, that’s why he was able to get the one liner in. Ben gets a few more in as he kills the rest of the red shirt santas, but gets kidnapped again.

Gabriel and Ashley reveal their plan to kill Ben by putting him in the damaged car and shoving it off a cliff. However, during the argument, Ashley reveals that she knows too much about how Nick died. Gabriel is also curious about how she knows how Nick died. So Ashley shoots Gabriel and kills him.

Only to reveal that Nick is ACTUALLY ALIVE!

Last one, I swear.

Nick Reveals that he and Ashley, who is actually Millie(no twist gif), have been planning this for a while and had always intended to leave 5 Santa corpses. So they tie up Ben and put him on the car and set it on fire.

They forgot that Ben was a car thief. And that he had a knife. He hotwires the car and runs over them both, first reversing into Nick, then driving the car into Millie/Ashley before diving out before it goes off the cliff.

So Ben is now alone in a Santa suit with millions of dollars. I don’t know, the scene at the end with Ben Affleck trudging through the snow giving money away, just says Christmas to me. . . You know, after killing off all the other Santas.

Next Time: Speaking of killing off Santas. . .

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