Favorite Holiday Movies HD-Remastered!: Ernest Saves Christmas


20. Ernest Saves Christmas

This has probably been a staple of many people’s Christmas classics for a long time, but only recently has it become one of mine. The one who really got me into this movie was Nostalgia Critic, with his hilarious review of the film. I can’t watch it now without mentally implanting some of the gags from the review.

I watched several of the Ernest movies as a kid, but they mostly all melded together. It becomes confusing to know what I actually watched and what I just assume I saw.

Seriously, no gif? It’s just sitting there! Whatever. . .

So Santa has decided to pass on the mantle of Santa Claus, but Ernest accidentally steals his magic bag. This results in Santa getting arrested. This is what happens when you go out in public asking people about your sack.

Ernest breaks Santa out of Jail and sneaks him onto a Movie set in order to convince one of the actors to become Santa. In the process, Santa assaults the director. This strangely doesn’t get a return to jail.

When all hope seems lost, Ernest doubles down on stealing stuff and steals Santa’s sleigh. The flying sleigh and reindeer go a lot further in convincing the actor to become Santa than an old man talking about his magic sack.

So Ernest nearly wrecks Christmas by stealing a sack, but saves it by stealing the sleigh. Hey, worked for Tim Allen.

Honestly, what drives this movie more than ANYTHING is the old man playing Santa. He is just so heartwarming and just everything you want Santa to be. Even willing to throw a punch once and a while.

Next Time: Now for someone who REALLY knows how to save Christmas

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