Favorite Holiday Movies HD-Remastered!: Die Hard


19. Die Hard

Because F*** You, It’s Die Hard!

Oh right, HD-Remastered and on Long Damn Reviews. Crap.

I was late to the Die Hard game. Live Free Die Hard was actually about to come out when I saw Die Hard. I can’t remember 100% whether I saw Die Hard then Live Free Die Hard or vice versa, but I would reasonably guess that me being me, I would have watched them in order.

And yes of course, I thought it was awesome!

As far as the sequels go, I thought Die Hard 2 was just okay. Die Hard with a Vengeance was great, but not Christmas related, Live Free Die Hard was good, but needed the R rating, and I haven’t seen the Russian one.

Now, there is an argument online about whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Obviously, because it is on my Holiday list, I MUST believe it is a Christmas movie, right?

I say, technically it is. It checks all the boxes. Takes place during Christmas. Has Christmas music. Main character makes a santa pun. Even has a couple get back together, which is common in holiday movies.

And I am willing to let things in on a technicality. However, it had to be pointed out to me that it was a Christmas movie. Honestly, in my heart of hearts I don’t see it as a Christmas movie, it is an action movie that takes place during Christmas. I don’t get the heartwarming feeling of Christmas while watching this movie, I just get the Yippee Ki Yay, MotherF***er, It’s DIE HARD feeling. Hell, even Reindeer Games had a heartwarming Christmas ending, but hey, IT’S DIE HARD!

Next Time: F*** You, It’s Hannukah.

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