Favorite Holiday Movies HD-Remastered!: Eight Crazy Nights


18. Eight Crazy Nights

So, in going back and pulling these reviews, I found out that I actually tried to do my favorite Holiday movies 2 years in a row. I posted like 4 movies in 2015, and then I did the full on list in 2016. Awkward. In 2015 I posted this review on the 8th because Hanukkah was starting. In 2016 I posted it because Hanukkah was on the 24th, which was my birthday, and I wasn’t having it. My apologies to the Hebrew People.

This is one of the movies that makes this more of a holiday list than a Christmas list. They celebrate Christmas in it, too though.

A lot of people dislike this movie, but I think it’s great. I for one enjoy the songs and most of the jokes work for me. Not to mention the animation is fantastic.

This was released back when I was young enough to believe Adam Sandler could do no wrong. Clearly I’ve moved past that, but those movies I enjoyed then I still enjoy now, so bleh.

I know it ranks pretty damn low for everyone else, but damnit, the jokes are funny, the songs are enjoyable, and the deer are. . . Alright, the deer are f***ing disgusting, but I stand by everything else in this movie!

Seriously, What the hell, Adam?

Next Time: My mom read this post and now I have to find Lifebuoy Soap.

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