Favorite Holiday Movies HD-Re-mastered!: Miracle on 34th Street


14. Miracle on 34th Street

Bite me, I like the remake more than the original.

This will generally always be the case for movies that came out during my childhood as opposed to movies that came out decades before I was born. There are plenty of movie reviewers who uphold the original classics over the “terrible remakes,” but that isn’t me. When I saw Miracle on 34th Street, that was the ONLY Miracle on 34th Street. When I then saw the original, I was bored, because black and white is boring. Or at least when the option of color is there.

I can just relate more to the modern version than the original.

And honestly, this has one of my FAVORITE portrayals of Santa Clause-DAMNIT Claus! He is wholesome and kind, but, like Kirk Cameron’s St. Nicholas, he is willing to lay the smackdown on someone who dares defame the image of Santa.

One thing about this, compared to say, The Santa Clause, is that there could legitimately be no Santa in this world. However, the man playing Santa in this refuses to break character and destroy the faith of children, regardless of who demands it of him. It doesn’t matter whether he is ACTUALLY Santa or not. For me he IS my image of Santa.

You know, before returning to his regular job of creating an island of Dinosaurs.

Next Time: More remakes, with a surprisingly little known film considering it stars Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore.

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