Favorite Holiday Movies HD Re-Mastered!: While You Were Sleeping


12. While You Were Sleeping

Yeah, growing up, due to spending more time watching tv with my mother and sister than my dad(because it was apparently more acceptable for me to be exposed to stuff like Exit To Eden and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas than the action and horror movies my dad watched) I ended up watching a bunch of chick flicks and musicals. So as a result, rom coms are a decent portion of my movie catalogue.

Also, Sandra Bullock. Hummina hummina hummina

I will have to say that this movie ONLY works because it was the 90’s and it was a woman crushing on an unconscious man. Good freaking luck pulling this off with the roles reversed.

THAT DOESN’T COUNT! But yeah, if Prince Phillip decided to fall in love with Aurora’s sister while she was cursed and unconscious, some fairy godmothers would be arguing over the color of Prince Philip’s full body cast.

Honestly the love story is decent, but the actual heart and soul of the movie is Sandra Bullock’s interactions with the family and the side characters.

Joe Junior is probably my favorite.

Yeah, the holiday kind of takes a back seat, but hey, it has a Christmas tree bursting through a window, so it COUNTS!


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