Favorite Holiday Movies HD-Remastered!: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


11. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Saw this for the first time about three or four (or seven) years ago. Again, due to my mother dictating what I watched for much of my childhood, and her disliking “stupid movies,” this movie never really crossed my path.

Watched it for the first time, and became entranced. You’d think I’d use this to then go see the other Vacation movies, but no. Still haven’t seen the others.

Three years later and this still remains true. Wally World to me is just a name for Wal-Mart. When I was younger, the first National Lampoon movies I became aware of were Senior Trip and Vegas Vacation. Somehow I mentally put them together and for decades thought that Chevy Chase took seniors on a trip to Las Vegas.

Hey, are they still trying to get the Community movie off the ground? Tell them to call me, I have a GREAT (or Terrible) idea!

The first National Lampoon movie I saw was actually Van Wilder. I saw a smattering of the other films like Animal House(because it needs to be on the shelf of every College boys dorm), Dorm Daze, and (mouth vomit) Christmas Vacation 2.

But I digress, for good reason. This movie is a Christmas classic and is honestly something everyone should check out. It IS kind of stupid, as my mother would say, but it also has that heartwarming Christmas feeling along with it.

Next Time: Time for a Modern Retelling of a Classic

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