It’s a Christmas Miracle!

So I have been gone a long time. Haven’t posted movie reviews. Haven’t posted video game reviews. Haven’t even posted any of my promised Heroes in Helmets posts.

I have started a twitch stream though. Below is an animated representation of the effort it takes me.

I’m not even good at that.

So as I was working my overnight job and watching it turn from November to December at last, I decided I wanted to dive headfirst into the Christmas spirit.

I wanted to try and find something to do this year, but I wasn’t sure that I could do another HORRIBLE Christmas. Not that I lacked the will, but I wasn’t sure I could find another 25 horrible holiday movies to match my last efforts.

Nothing will top Santa VS The Devil and Nutcracker 3D being on the same list.

Also, I have already tried posting my favorite Christmas movies two or three times now. That is probably not going to change much. Not without. . . risk.

So this year, we are entering the middle ground. This will be Schrodenger’s (spell check that later editor) Holiday Movies list. I decided to watch a bunch of movies that I have never seen before. How will these fair?

Ah Ren and Stimpy, you are my childhood.

So yeah, simple rules. Can’t have seen it before. That’s it. Oh and it has to be on one of the services I stream. No blackmarket deals to get dvds of crap no one else can see. So what I watch, you can watch. And enjoy/suffer with me!

Though, if we go with Barney’s rule, this should be my new Favorite Christmas movies list because

Never steered me wrong.

Tomorrow Night: So yeah, to kick off this new new Holiday cheer, let’s start with the 3rd or 4th reboot of a franchise that has consistently gone downhill since it lost it’s original cast. . .

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