Power Rangers (2017)

This Week: Power⚡️Rangers

Actually pretty damn good.

If you want to hate it, you can. There are certainly things to dislike about it. It’s a “dark and gritty” take on a show that originally involved heroes in spandex fighting rubber monsters.

Honestly, it is a lot of character building. It is kind of like the Breakfast Club to a degree. All these teenagers who really have no business being together all slowly form bonds over the course of the movie. Whereas in the original show they were just plucked out of nowhere and handed power, they come across the power by chance, but before they can fully use it, they have to earn it.

There are about 4 instances in the movie that made me just shake my head. One of which is in the first five minutes.

Nothing that destroys the film, but just a few “could we please not?”

There are of course, plenty of nods to the original series. Any time there are reboots, they can’t help, but throw in references to the original series. Honestly, they handled them fairly well.

The CGI fights at the end are kind of meh, but not god awful.

There is a pretty neat mid credits scene at the end.

I recommend it.

Next Week: Working at Dominos, most likely.

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