So last year I attempted to watch and review 30 of the Classic Universal Monster movies.

I failed. I stopped posting reviews after Son of Frankenstein, and stopped watching them roughly around Phantom of the Opera. So I pondered making a second attempt, but thought it was lame. Then this morning I came up with a better idea. Two actually, but I’ll save that other one for next year.

This year instead of the classics, we’re going with the worst.


So because I came up with this idea this morning, I don’t have any hard and fast rules. The movies just need to be horror or halloween related, and I can’t have watched the full movie before. Not going to peruse the bottom of the list on Rotten Tomatoes, but I will likely just go, “This looks terrible, lets watch!” I will try to go with some of the classic really bad films in there, but this will largely be played by ear.

I am open to suggestions though. The lower budget and face palmy the better.

Tonight though, lets start off by giving these movies a Hand for trying.

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