Kingsman: The Golden Circle

This Week: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

If Kingsman: The Secret Service was The Avengers, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is Age of Ultron.

It is still really enjoyable, and tries to hit some of the same points of enjoyment as the first film, but it just isn’t able to pull off the same surprise hit that the first one did.

Channing Tatum is an excellent addition to the cast, but sadly a bit underused due to being sidelined halfway through. The Red Viper from Game of Thrones actually ends up being the main Stateman liaison for this adventure.

Like Pitch Perfect 2, I’m not sure I am itching for a 3rd one after this. There are possibilities there(practically the same ones at the end of the first Kingsman) however it would really just seem like a stretch. This was a good one to end on, going for three might be a bridge too far.

No after credits or mid credits scene.

Next Week: American Made

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