Worst Horror Movie Ever Made (Abridged Review)


Tonight: The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made (ABRIDGED)

So yeah, the review I posted yesterday might have been a little too long. After posting it, I looked it over and that is a LOT scrolling. It was less like a review and more like live tweeting the whole thing(which is something I considered, but I don’t use my twitter).

So here is the ABRIDGED review of The Worst Horror movie ever made.

A couple hosts a card game, and within 5 minutes, everyone else is dead, with only one of them a direct result of the couple. 3 of them are killed by an axe murderer who uses painful axe puns, and one is killed in a freak 52 card pickup accident.

The couple flees their home and encounter poop monsters, werewolves, ghosts, terrorists, Zombie-Jesus, Zom-BEES, lesbian vampires, lesbians, rednecks, evil laurel and hardy ventriloquist dummies, a psychotic doctor, a house full of dead baby jokes, abusive soldiers, crazy people, giant spiders, bats, a mummy, and a detective who has been anally raped by almost everyone he encounters.

While the boyfriend manages to stay almost completely clothed the entire movie, the girlfriend seems to get naked for almost any reason, from getting strip searched, raped, even growing 50,000 feet tall.

The couple argues almost the entire film between the boyfriend having to pay for everything, the girlfriend wanting to have a baby and apparently being pregnant, and even religion.

They eventually make it home and are found innocent of the murders, however they get killed by a banana and a terrorist. Surprisingly separate incidents.

This movie sounds like it would be amazing! It has a telepathic vagina at one point! But it is wrapped in shitty dialogue and audio, needless nudity, and the ultimate goal to “offend people” running every decision.

Again I don’t recommend watching it, I don’t recommend downloading it, and I DEFINITELY don’t recommend owning it.

If you want to borrow it, let me know.

Tomorrow: Now that we’re done, can I even recognize good movies anymore?

Oh and Worst Christmas coming in December. Tell your friends.

Worst Horror Movie Ever Made


Tonight: The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made


When I started trying to find a bunch of bad movies, this showed up on a list. I figured, OBVIOUSLY this had to be one of the ones I reviewed. Only problem was I couldn’t find it. Couldn’t find it streaming, couldn’t rent or buy it digitally, and couldn’t find it at Movie Trading Company.

So I found it on DVD on ebay, and ordered it. Set to arrive on October 30th. It actually arrived 3 days ago, but eh, its funnier to say it was a well timed arrival.

All of the other reviews I typed up after finishing the movie. This time I paused the movie 5 minutes in, and started typing everything out as it happened because lord knows I would NOT be able to keep track of all the shit(and shit monsters) that happens in this movie after it happened.

So here we go. . .

A couple has friends over for a friendly game of strip poker. As the couple is arguing, where the man keeps complaining about having to pay for everything, one of the girls goes to the bathroom and runs into a guy who keeps doing horrible axe puns. He then takes an axe out of his pants and attacks her off screen. The second girl goes to the same bathroom, blindfolded to appreciate her sight, and ends up getting an axe to the back. The axe murderer then starts masturbating.

Mind you, five minutes have passed from the start of the movie until now. The only other guy at the poker game decides to go to the bathroom, and the axe murderer convinces him to put on a blindfold, then cuts off his hand. Then the axe murderer proceeds to rape him.

A third woman shows up and quickly loses her shirt in strip poker, so everyone decides to quit playing. The guy decides to play 52 pick up, and when he flicks the cards in the air, 3 6 of diamonds(with incorrect number of diamonds) hit her in the face and neck, killing her. So the couple run away to live a life as fugitives, unaware of the number of bodies currently in the house.

A detective shows up ands is determined to track the couple down.

He does a really good job. They couple stop to use the bathroom and the woman goes in and encounters a poop monster. The man is found by the detective and told to drop his pants for a “strip search.” A nearby woman sees the man’s ass and the “sight of a full moon!” turns her face into a were wolf and she attacks the detective. The man takes the handcuff keys and runs away(despite not being handcuffed).

He finds his girlfriend with her face covered in poop, and uses his underwear like a red cape in a bull fight and manages to trick the poop monster to go back in the toilet bowl and he flushes it. His girlfriend then tries to kiss him with her face covered in poop.

We are 15 minutes in. We still have an hour and a half left. Oh dear lord in heaven.

Then we cut back to the wolf girl and the detective and she is banging him from behind. The couple return to their car and resume their life on the run, apparently ignoring the rape going on right behind their car before driving away.

They run into soldiers who tell them they can’t go any further due to the city being quarantined. They convince the soldiers to search them so they can clear them to go through. The soldiers strip search them, and start raping the guy, and are about to rape the girl, but apparently she has poop on her. . . area, and they all start throwing up. One weird jump cut later, the couple is dressed and in the middle of the woods.

21 minutes in.

The couple then go to a fortune teller. I’m sorry, MisFortune Teller. The misfortune teller gives her a vial of liquid that is supposed to be “birth control”(due to an argument about having children) and tells her not to drink it until at least 1 mile away. She then buys a drink that looks identical to the vial and while looking at them both in her hands, forgets which is which and presumably drinks the wrong one. She then grows to the size of a building and all her clothes tear off. Because OF COURSE THEY DO!

She then knocks over the twin towers. Oh dear god. . .keep in mind this was made in 2004. So just three years after 9/11. Jesus fucking christ. . .


The man goes to a bar, orders a drink and is given a red vial of liquid. Jesus follows him in and gets into an argument about whether this is his second or third coming.

The terrorists who are running the bar, then knock out and strap Jesus to a cross.

We keep cutting back to the 50,000 foot naked woman. Jesus then reaches out to the naked woman. . .with his dick. Until it goes soft due to blood loss. Jesus then decides to fly, while still attached to the cross. Meanwhile the nearby soldiers decide to fire a missile from a tank at the giant woman and end up hitting flying crucified Jesus instead.

Half hour in.

The boyfriend convinces the soldiers to launch him into her vagina so he can stop the growth hormone and stop her from growing. While in there, he notices a cgi baby. He uses a laser gun to destroy the cgi baby.

She shrinks back to normal size and gives birth to her boyfriend(off screen). They jump cut to a green screen cave where they can hear. . . the Underground Rail Road? Yeah, they run into the ghost of a runaway slave. And the poop monster again.

Then we cut to the Detective masturbating in the bathroom while he recalls all the times he has been anally raped in his life.

Along with random images of a run over squirrel. Why?

While we were watching that, the ghost of the runaway slave defeated the poop monster. And the girlfriend still has no clothes on.

They are then teleported inside of a house and the girlfriend is now in lingerie from the strip poker game. They explain it, but It’s stupid.

The house they are in has a dead naked woman. . . and several dead baby dolls. They try and sneak out and find the sleeping murderer. Then the man goes to find a weapon and the woman gets captured. The man comes back with (sigh) baby-chucks, but drops them and gets knocked out.

The doctor/murderer then decides to induce labor on the girlfriend and pulls out the baby that was destroyed with the laser earlier. Apparently the baby isn’t dead, just burned. It knocks over a bottle with a bug inside and the bugs kills the doctor.

The boyfriend was apparently not tied up, only convinced to sit still so he wouldn’t be killed. The boyfriend then kills the baby as an act of mercy. Or that’s what he is shouting/singing while he jumps up and down on it.

The couple then escape into the woods. It is revealed that there is a reward for them, and a bunch of rednecks try to capture them for the reward. They try to get the boyfriend drunk, and the redneck girl tries to trick the girlfriend into getting killed by bats.

The girlfriend then cuts the face off the redneck girl and puts it on as a disguise. While she is doing that, the Rednecks rape the boyfriend.

She uses the disguise to walk off with her boyfriend, and then they have sex while wearing redneck girl’s face. Then she takes it off and they run away. Before the boyfriend stumbles into a giant Spider-web. A giant rubber spider shows up. The girlfriend remembers the trick to summon bats, and cuts the boyfriend free while the spider and bat fight.

Then a mummy shows up. And the boyfriend remembers he left the laser gun in his girlfriend’s vagina.

Only 40 minutes left. Only 40 minutes left.

They shoot the mummy only to find out it was a man warning them they were about to trespass into zombie territory.

Oh wait, my mistake. Zom-BEES! Which are cgi flies with skulls on them. The girlfriend runs into a swarm of zom-Bees and tricks them into running into the spider web.

The boyfriend meets a naked lesbian choking on a candy. She then reminisces about a ventriloquist dummy that kills her girlfriend earlier that day.

Lets just leave it at the segment, like ALL THE SEGMENTS, goes on for far too long. She escaped by beating the dummy like a piñata, and then when candy fell out, she started choking on a piece.

Jesus finds the girlfriend and has sex with her, then a tree monster attacks Jesus and rapes him.

The boyfriend apparently is tripping out, probably from the moonshine, and he believes a woman walking her dog is Cerberus.

The girlfriend uses her vagina telepathy to track down her boyfriend who has been committed to an insane asylum. Which looks like a bar.

20 minutes left. THE END IS IN SIGHT!

They escape the insane asylum, using boobs and a crazy person. Then they break up because the girlfriend took a bunch of monopoly money thinking it was real money.

The girlfriend goes into the woods then runs into zombie Jesus. The boyfriend picks up a female hitchhiker and a female vampire.

Then it just devolves into a lesbian porn scene after the boyfriend gets kicked out of bed.

The girlfriend defeats Zombie-Jesus with the vial of red liquid from earlier(I don’t know why or how that works).

The Boyfriend tries to defeat the vampire lady with a crucifix but it doesn’t work. After he pulls out his penis and they laugh at him, he eventually just leaves and they don’t stop him.

The girlfriend goes home thinking she has no reason to run, but the detective shows up and tries to rape her. Then the axe murderer kills the detective. Then rapes the body.

The boyfriend comes home, uncuffs the girlfriend and they reconcile, just before the police show up and kill the axe murderer. The police officer explains all the evidence clears them of all the murders.

The couple then decides to have sex and the girlfriend decides to do her boyfriend from behind with a banana. The banana is apparently a horrible creature that starts killing the boyfriend. Then one of the terrorists from earlier shows up and blows himself up, killing the girlfriend. It cuts to a map of the US and shows explosions happening everywhere.

Credits roll. The masses rejoice.

This movie is basically just here to shock and offend. This isn’t entertaining or even “so bad it is good” territory, it’s just an hour and 48 minutes of naked women, batshit explanations, and moments where you have to stop and process what the fuck just crossed your tv screen.

I do not recommend this movie. Just forget it exists and move on with your life.

If you want to borrow it, let me know.

Tomorrow: (walks by in his bathrobe) You’re still here? . . .it’s over. Go home. Go.



Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom


Tonight: Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom

Having trouble coming up with an idea for a kids movie? Why not make a movie about the greatest eldritch horror writer ever! Lets give him relatable story about his father being committed to an insane asylum after going mad!

To top it off, this was by the same creator of The Legend of Hallowaiian! So cue cheap animation, poor dialogue, and a cast list full of the director’s family. Either that or he takes a page out of the Bolson Construction policy and only hires actors and actresses with the last name O’Reilly.

So we meet 10 year old- err. . . Actually how old is he? (Puts on his Film Theory hat and brainy specs) Okay, the film takes place in 1897, HP Lovecraft was born on August 20th 1890, and it starts on Winfield Lovecraft’s birthday, which was on October 26th, so that makes Howard Lovecraft 7 years old.

So we meet 7 year old Howard Lovecraft as he is sitting alone in his room being sad. Howard and his mother go to visit his father who has been committed to an insane asylum. After the doctor goes on and on about how it is not a good idea for Winfield to have visitors, he relents out of nowhere. So while the doctor and Howard’s mother are having a conversation about Winfield, Howard open’s Winfield’s beanhole- I mean food receptacle port, and Winfield spouts crazy nonsense about words, symbols, and King Abdul-Jabbar.

After Winfield grabs his son through the food port, the orderlies finally restrain him, but not before slipping Howard a coin- err(reads script) necklace? Whatever.

After going home, Howard’s mother decides to give Howard his dad’s copy of the Necronomicon. Apparently this one is not made out of human skin. Howard decides to read it until he falls asleep, and like everyone who reads the Necronomicon, they decide to read the lines of power out loud, instead of in their head like they do the rest of the book. This fortunately doesn’t summon a horde of zombies, it only opens a portal into the set of Frozen.

Instead of cute snow monsters, Cthulhu shows up and chases after Howard like a dog ready to play fetch. Cthulhu almost falls off a cliff, but he convinces Howard to pull him back up. Then we find out that this isn’t Cthulhu, it’s a character named Thu Thu Hmong. Howard decides to call him Spot.

Thu Thu Hmong tears him in half for his insolence, and the movie ends.

Or never mind, Spot he is. Howard and . . .Spot, meet up with squid people. Then after a 10 minute dinner scene that does nothing, Howard and Spot head off to a castle. On the way, Howard teaches Spot how to make snow men and have a snowball fight, complete with topical matrix bullet time dodges. And I don’t mean slow motion through the air dodges, I mean the full tilt back limbo move. Howard manages to hit Spot with a snowball, so Spot forms a giant snow boulder and crushes Howard with it.

They finally reach the castle and enter a seemingly empty town. Then they suddenly are surrounded by 8 goblins. One smug goblin walks up to Spot and threatens him with a sword. Spot then whips the goblin around like Hulk does Loki in the Avengers. And that wasn’t me being witty in my comparison, it is a straight rip off of the shot from The Avengers. Spot shows that the Goblin spears and weapons are no threat to him, but one of the Goblins knock out Howard.

Somehow this enables the goblins to capture both Spot and Howard and suspend them above a boiling pot of green liquid when Howard wakes up. Spot then breaths in to expand his chest and the restraints pop off immediately. How did they capture him? Why was he bound at all?

The Goblins apparently work for Algid, a woman king who apparently wants Howard’s help in unfreezing the Kingdom. She explains that they accidentally summoned Cthulhu who is a creature from the water, and in order to stop him, they froze everything. They explain a copy of the Necronomicon is in a cave guarded by Sho-gath.

Howard and Spot go out to find the book, which pisses Spot off for some reason. Spot is too big to initially make it into the cave, so Howard goes in alone. He finds the book and Sho-Gath. Sho-Gath reveals that Spot is actually Cthulhu.

That’s right, the head banging of an ancient one earlier being called “Spot” just got dialed to 11. So Howard is about to be eaten by Sho-Gath when “Spot” finally makes it into the cave and . . . immediately gets eaten.

I would call Cthulhu a pansy, but I would like to keep my mind intact, thank you. Howard drops the neckcoin and apparently the symbol on it makes Sho-Gath just blow up. Cthulhu is safe, and they take the book back to Algid.

Algid then immediately reveals that she is King Abdul and reads a line in the book that turns Cthulhu evil. (Just stares off in space for a while, realizing what he just typed)

The squid people from earlier arrive and King Abdul is so shocked that she does not notice one of them walk up to her and just take the book from her hands.

Howard gets the book and somehow immediately finds the “Turn Cthulhu back to good” spell.(Come on man, just get through this, almost there)

Cthulhu, the Squid people, and Howard perform the jumping through the air shot from Avengers: Age of Ultron, then beat up all the goblins. Howard summons a portal back to his world. King Abdul summons shadow demons and Howard uses his coin to blast them all with hand light. King Abdul then spider-crawls away. Howard then says a heartfelt goodbye to Cthulhu and the Squid people(son of a BITCH), and then returns to his world.

Howard gives the copy of the Necronomicon to his father, his father says he will get better, and the movie ends with Howard reading the Necronomicon more.

Kid-Friendly Cthulhu. God help us all.

Tomorrow: So I’m not sure what to do tomorrow. I’ve done most of the MAJOR bad movies already. I want Halloween to be special but I just don’t think there is a really big movie out there worthy of the spot.

(Door Bell rings)

One moment.

Mailman: Package for you, sir.

Oh thank you

(Signs for package and closes the door)

(Opens the package)

It looks like a DVD?

. . . Oh Shit. . .(turns dvd case over). . .oh god no. . .



Tonight: Hobgoblins

So, despite being a bad movie, this was goofy as hell. I think MST3K kind of oversold this one a bit. I saw trailers for this and originally decided not to put it on the list, but Wikipedia said it was on the worst movie list and described it as torture for the MST3K cast.

So we start the film with Old Man McCreedy berating a younger security guard for being young and bored on the job. Then when doing rounds of the old film studio, McCreedy tells the young guard not to go down a specific hallway. The young man ignores the vague warning and goes into an unlocked vault and suddenly finds himself on a rock stage. He then starts. . .mock singing and then accidentally falls off the stage. McCreedy then finds the young man’s corpse in the vault and . . . just shuts the door.

Cue the credits. We then cut to McCreedy’s boss yelling at McCreedy for another security guard “quitting” and that the deserted film studio will lose their insurance if there isn’t a security guard watching the gate. So we show the new young security guard, Kevin, learning the ropes of his new job. He also gets told not to go in the vault area, and at least gets the excuse of “dangerous machinery.” He is then given a cap gun and ominous music plays.

Kevin then goes home to find his girlfriend, Amy, and his friends, Daphne and Kyle, at his house. Kevin rented a video for him and Amy, and Daphne complains that it doesn’t have an X in its rating. Then Daphne’s boyfriend, Nick, arrives after 2 months at army boot camp and they talk about banging. Then Kyle says he needs to call his girlfriend that they’ve never met. 🎶His girlfriend that lives in Canada!🎶 Actually, his girlfriend turns out to be a sex hot line. “We’ll go to a PG movie and make it rated X!” (Checks movie listings) So you’re going to bang during a showing of Goosebumps 2: The Haunted Halloween? Or Is it Smallfoot that gets you hot and bothered?

Kevin walks in on Kyle listening to the sex line and asks if it is long distance, cause he keeps arguing with the phone company about mysterious sex line charges. (Ba dum tsh)

Anywho Nick keeps going on about his army training and decides to show Kevin some hand to hand fighting. Apparently Nick attended the Chinese Army bootcamp from Mulan because Nick decides to fight Kevin with a rake while Kevin defends himself with a hoe. Not yet, we’re saving the ho joke for later.

After about three minutes of just beating their sticks together, Nick defeats Kevin. Daphne and Nick have sex in Nick’s van while Amy has a 25 second argument with Kevin about her embarrassing him because he didn’t win in a fight he didn’t want to have against a trained soldier. Daphne and Nick then exit the van. 25 seconds. Including time to get semi decent again.

We go back to Kevin’s job and a guy decides to sneak onto the film studio lot and happens to walk by the ONLY camera the security guards are watching. Old Man McCreedy decides to go challenge this ne’er do-well and ends up getting held hostage with a knife. Kevin arrives with his cap gun and carefully fires it into the air. This causes the man to flee and Kevin gives chase.

Kevin then decides to go into the vault. McCreedy arrives just in time for the sound effects to run past Kevin and McCreedy. We then see 4 teddy bears wearing goblin masks driving a golf cart off the film set.

McCreedy then tells Kevin how a space ship landed on the film set and inside were two masked teddy bears and he decided to hide them in a vault because he thought they were okay. Then everyone starts dying. The teddy bears apparently make your fantasy’s come true before they ultimately result in your death. Then McCreedy goes into detail about how to stop them and they need to be stopped before sunrise. Because he got the instruction manual in the space pod when they arrived, I guess.

The hobgoblins go to Kevin’s house where Amy, Daphne, and Kyle are dancing around with strobe lights.

Daphne then goes outside because she hears a horn that sounds like Nick’s van. The hobgoblin then sneaks up behind her and attacks her. After a brief struggle, the ho grabs a hoe and starts beating the living daylights out of the ho goblin- I mean hobgoblin.

She goes back inside, and everyone thinks her disheveled appearance is from sex(ba dum tsh). Then the hobgoblins burst in and everyone has to fake wrestle teddy bears. Nick arrives and decides he’ll use a hand grenade that he has in his van to kill the creatures. Kevin arrives in time to STOP Nick from blowing up his house and turns the lights off. The sound effects then sneak past everyone and go into Nick’s van.

Everyone relaxes. Then Kyle decides to call the sex line again. This time one of the hobgoblins brings the fantasy to life and Kyle finds the sex line worker outside. She talks about going all the way, and says they need to go to Reputation Row, which has sections for kissing all the way to “all the way” clearly marked. Kyle asks if they can stop to pick up pop rocks and whipped cream.

Kyle needs this to work out. Badly!

On the way there, you can see someone’s hand on the roof of the car rocking it back and forth.

When they arrive, the sex line worker tells Kyle to stay in the car as she gets out and tries to push the car over the cliff. She can’t do it until Kyle apparently turns the car on and drives forward a little bit, as indicated by the headlights and tail lights being on. Kyle apparently is unperturbed by his car moving forward several feet.

Kevin manages to arrive in time and, learning that the rake is the superior weapon, hits the hobgoblin with a rake, dispelling the fantasy. Kyle gets out of the car to complain to Kevin about his imaginary girlfriend disappearing. Kyle apparently left the car in neutral, because the car then rolls off the cliff. This is apparently enough to convince Kyle that hobgoblins are real.

They return to Kevin’s house to find that Amy has gone to Club Scum. They go there and after a band plays a song that inspires very unenthusiastic dancing, discover that Amy has gone all Sandra D from the last scene of Grease(if she got her clothing cues from Dr. Frankenfurter).

The hobgoblins go full psychic onslaught as Nick believes he is in war and gets handed a bunch of guns, ammo belts, and a the official army regulated bandanna headband. He then proceeds to start chucking grenades all over the place.

Nick’s commanding officer(who is at the bar in full uniform because. . .) then decides to blow up Nick with a grenade because he wants Daphne to himself. . . and a truck load of soldiers. The grenade engulfs Nick in flames instead of blowing him to pieces. . . because.

Daphne then blows up the Commanding Officer, and two hobgoblins, freeing everyone from the fantasies. The hobgoblins then return to the studio vault(via sound effect travel).

Old Man McCreedy then blows up vault and an entire floor of the building. Kevin and Amy reconcile because Kevin proved his manliness by fighting a nunchuck wielding fantasy thug earlier. Kyle starts hitting on Daphne and uses pinning a flower to her shirt as an excuse to rub her boob, which works until Nick shows up with only very minor burns after being FULLY ENGULFED IN FLAMES AFTER DIVING ON A GRENADE.

Nick and Daphne then jump into the van and have sex. The end.

This movie is very low quality and a clear Gremlins rip off, but it is goofy and fun. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. They even ended up making a Hobgoblins 2 over 20 years after the first. I’ll need to check it out sometime, but not for this list.

Tomorrow: So I need to go back to a kid friendly movie because my niece will be around tomorrow. So why not go with an earlier work of the maker of Legend of Hallowaiian.

The Creeping Terror


Tonight: The Creeping Terror

A little back story. Vic Savage, the star and producer of this film, bought a script from Allan Silliphant, the half brother of Stirling Silliphant(who apparently is a talented writer I’ve never heard of). He then promoted this project as being written by the more famous sibling. He even offered people parts as extras if they invested in the film. Then when production issues went awry and most of the film was shot, Vic Savage skipped town with most of the investors money.

Someone stepped in to salvage the film, finished it in post, and put it on TV. Now we ALL have to suffer.

So 2 minutes into the film, we all suddenly realize how deeply we are screwed. We get about 15 seconds of dialogue between the happy couple and then the narrator starts talking over them explaining everything.

Apparently the original soundtrack was lost and they couldn’t get everyone back to dub the audio, so they just had a narrator tell the full story while people’s lips moved behind the camera. The only thing lazier would be to abridge the whole story and put it online leaving out a bunch of plot moments and set ups to make it seem worse than it is.




Anywho, so Vic Savage’s character plays a sheriff’s deputy that is just coming back from his honeymoon. While on their way home, a space ship crashes(and by crashes, I mean they reverse footage of a rocket launch) in his county and he drives by to investigate. They find the hat of his uncle Ben, the Sheriff, and assume him to be dead. Another deputy walks into the space ship and is killed by a bunch of random sound effects. Unbeknownst to Vic and the army that shows up, a second space mangina managed to get out of the space ship and start eating people.

So the army brings in a scientist to investigate the landing and they decide not to kill the walking munching carpets and not tell anyone of the crisis going on so none of the hot young couples have any clue to run from the creature that only goes about half a mile an hour.

For the rest of the film the scientist stares at various parts of the spaceship, the walking 70’s bush moves a few more feet, and people dance, make out, or do other stuff while oblivious to the impending doom.

Oh, and Vic Savage invites his friend over just so he can watch Vic Savage make out with his new wife. It’s weird.

The monster eats a couple making out, a boy and his grandfather in the woods, an entire dance hall, and then several cars on lovers lane(you know, after humping the cars for a bit).

The army then decides to tell the scientist to shove it and kill the monsters. Vic Savage brings his wife to the scene for some reason. Is she an out of uniform deputy or something? Law enforcement typically doesn’t bring their family along to work.

Anywho, The Army sends about a dozen soldiers against it with guns and they all die. Then the commander decides to use a hand grenade. It works but he was too close and gets injured. The scientist realizes the creature is just a bio machine that eats people to collect data on them. So the scientist goes to the ship to . . . something, the narrator wasn’t talking much during this bit. When he gets there, something blows up in the ship and he is badly injured and the second monster is loose and hungry for science! Then Vic Savage hits the monster with his car and kills it. Hand grenades and 60’s automobiles, the ultimate in anti-alien weaponry. The doctor dies saying the data was transmitted to back to the source and we will have to wait and see what happens. Roll credits.

This movie is drawn out and boring. Honestly it seems like someone was in the editing room and just kept telling the editor to stretch it out some more.

Apparently the monster was originally much more impressive, but someone stole the original so we get the furry slug from space.

Honestly, I’m partially thankful to the narrator because god help me if I had to hear the dialogue that tried to shove all that story down my throat, I would probably go insane.

I suggest watching this via MST3K. I didn’t, because I wanted the pure experiance, but save yourself! DON’T BE A HERO!

Tomorrow: Another MST3K classic, that the show creators described as painful to watch as many times in a week as they had to for the show.

Space Boobs in Space


Tonight: Space Boobs IN SPACE

So this movie popped up when I was looking up Nudist Colony of the Dead and I liked the title too much to immediately dismiss it. Thing was I knew absolutely NOTHING about this film. There were no trailers, video reviews, or real descriptions. The description from amazon listed swamp monsters, ghosts, and vampires, so there was enough in there to justify a Halloween entry.

My first worry was this was just going to be a nude-fest, like Orgy of the Dead. Fortunately there is no nudity in this film.

My second worry that this was actually a good film after a few early jokes. Fortunately it is not.

I don’t know where my priorities are.

So one thing I did not realize until the first 20 minutes, this is an anthology film. This movie comes with not one, but TWO wrap around stories. Kind of?

It starts with a woman recovering a data disc and finding a video made by a woman with duct tape over her nipples(OUCH) imploring her not to watch it. We all ignore the warnings.

The woman plays the video. We then have a woman who is an alien(you can tell by the green makeup) and she talks about Space Boobs in Space the movie, and meeting with the cast and director. We then cut to a historical reenactment of first contact between humans and the aliens. The aliens prize human breast milk and in exchange they give us alien breast milk that keeps them young and immortal. Human breast milk apparently keeps them from reverting to squid people. This alien race keeps refering to female breasts as “the titty.”

That movie ends and the aliens interview the directors and actors. And everyone just goes around testing their weirdest accents. It is painful to watch.

The short films are generally weird. One has a woman pick up a hooker to play Operation(TM) on her crotch. Then we have one where a real estate agent is trying to sell real estate to Jason Voorhees in the woods(GOD FUCKING DAMNIT! I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE WITH THIS!). Then a guy proposes to his girlfriend of a few months and gives her his grandmother’s ring. She then starts seeing a ghost. When the girl asks about his ex fiance, he takes her out to the place that she died. The girl then stabs him before he attacks her. The ghost nods her approval.

Then we see a woman eating cheesecake in a tub and nothing else happens. Then we get a long drawn out interview of the alien host interviewing the alien queen(I guess). The Alien queen is THE MOST PAINFUL part of the movie. And she has THE MOST SCREENTIME!

Then we get the vampire story, “Lapdance at the gates of hell.” Apparently vampires steal your car to get back by morning. A couple girls go to recover their car and phone. They find a den of female vampires and before they are willing to return the phone and car keys, one of the girls has to perform a lapdance for a vampire. Mid lapdance, the vampire bites the girl’s butt. The girls then book it out of there. The girl who was bitten then drops her pants to reveal fangs on her but and then uses her butt fangs to bite her friend’s neck.

There’s a short about interviewing a mud monster. Goes nowhere. There is a another girl who has horror movie music play whenever she touches anything. That one ends with ghostface popping up, doing nothing, then farting and dancing off the screen.

This movie apparently was made on a $1000 budget, a mix of phone and vhs cameras, and shot on the weekends. With that in mind, it is not too bad. The effort is there and a few of the short films aren’t too bad. The ghost ring short is actually my favorite of the shorts. This is clearly a labor of love and it actually has some quality put into it that many of the films on this list so far lack.

Also the theme song at the beginning is kind of catchy.

Tomorrow: So we go from a shoestring budget and a labor of love, to a shootstring budget and an attempt at investor fraud.

The Woods of Evil


Tonight: The Woods of Evil

Not to be confused with The Evil Woods, though I would argue they were probably entered into the same 24 hour film competition. Necessary elements are Location: Woods, Character: Axe murder, Props: Animal Skull, Costume: Parka.

The “horror” aspect of this movie is very back burner. It begins with a background about a bunch of cases where people disappear on the way to the jersey shore. Then the disappearances stop. Or Do they. . .? Then we get a couple murdered when they stop to pee. Then we get around to meeting our main characters.

Ray, Dice, and Paco are all ex convicts who are finding life after incarceration too difficult in their current neighborhood, they decide to pull a big job and leave for California. They decide to kidnap a rich guy’s daughter. As luck would have it, they end up kidnapping 2 rich guys daughters. They take them back to an abandoned house(that still has a working fridge) and a jogger is murdered.

The two rich daughters basically keep mouthing off to their kidnappers, and the kidnappers keep threatening to kill them. Then a creepy old man comes up to the house and warns them of impending doom. He is then killed by the axe murderer.

Ray meets with one of the rich fathers and gets 3 million dollars in a camera bag- I mean “suitcase”. Ray then returns to find that the girls have escaped while Dice and Paco were asleep. And they chase them down. . . because? Honestly, if they just let them run away and left, they would be home free. They are planning to flee the state already. The girls and them were out in the middle of nowhere, so why chase them down.

Well, they do and After Dice verifies that they have the three million, he says they should kill the girls, which Ray intercedes and says they shouldn’t. Again, why? I mean, yes, obviously murder is bad, but considering that just letting them run away is apparently bad for the plan, possibly because the girls can identify them, then killing them is actually better for the plan because then your witnesses are gone. Well, for two of them at least. Ray sat right next to the father paying the ransom and made no attempt to conceal his identity, so . . .

Anywho, the guys start infighting about money and the plan because the girls are successfully playing mind games. Then when Paco and Ray are fighting, Dice takes the money and runs. Now, in the last 10 minutes of the hour and a half film, the killer FINALLY starts killing the main characters. Dice gets a hatchet to the face. Ray gets a couple of arrows to the chest and then decapitated and put in the fridge. Paco gets impaled on a pointy tree stump. One rich girl gets caught in a bear trap and the other gets stabbed in the leg by the killer, but they end up overcoming the killer and stab him repeatedly with sticks. They limp out to the road, screaming the whole time and a car stops to help them. We then hear breathing as something is moving through the woods implying the killer is somehow still alive.

This movie also sucks. The killer is such a non factor through the entire movie, considering the infighting would have resulted in at least two of the guys getting killed, if not all three. One weird thing is that this is referred to as the “Unrated Director’s Cut” but this could easily be PG-13. There is no nudity, there is very little gore, and even the cussing isn’t that strong. So what is Unrated?


In Space, No one goes into the Woods!

The Evil Woods


Tonight: The Evil Woods

. . . Honestly, how many times can I say “this was a bad movie” this month? This movie is basically a student film from a kid who didn’t bother showing up to his film classes.

It starts out like it might have regular adult actors, but they get axed off in the first few minutes, with the Axe murderer attacking the man while the moon is out and is still steadily chopping when the sun comes out. We then cut to our ACTUAL college age main characters. We meet Douche Master McBroFace with his two lady friends who can’t seem to stand him, but who have a threesome with him later anyway. Then Steve and his girlfriend Shannon show up and bribe DM McBF with Weed and gas money and a larger vehicle to let them tag along on the camping trip. The opening credits roll as they all seem to have a fun and enjoyable drive to the campgrounds. Then they arrive and everyone reverts back to bitching at everyone else.

They sit around the campfire drinking beer and telling stories when a guy randomly shows up at the campfire and instead of telling him to eff off, they give him a beer and he tells them a story about a local man who was burned to death in his cabin after a bunch of teens locked him in and shot fireworks at his cabin as a prank. He then walks back into the woods.

DM McBF then pisses on the campire to “put it out,” Shannon gets disgusted and goes to bed, and then DM McBF has a threesome with the other two ladies off screen.

Shannon then has a weird dream where she goes for a walk and finds another tent, and then someone grabs her head. She then wakes up and proceeds to bitch and complain when Steve suggests they go for a hike.

As they are hiking, the director managed somehow managed to convince not one, but two of the college girls in this movie to sunbathe topless on a pier. Oh and McBroFace continues to go around peeing on stuff, this time an animal skull of some sort. Oh and random Redneck is jacking off in the woods while watching the girls.

After everyone makes it back to camp and start bitching about the lack of food, Steve and McBroFace go to the truck to get the second cooler of food when they find the Redneck standing in front of their truck, warning them they should leave the woods. It is then that Steve discovers both of the front tires are flat. McBroFace goes to confront the Redneck, but he has disappeared.

As the boys carry the cooler back to camp, the axe murderer kills the Redherring- I mean Redneck. Steve and McBroFace then run into the guy from the campfire and he says he’ll bring them a satellite phone later to help with the truck. When they make it back to camp, one of the girls has wandered off, and Shannon demands they leave now. Steve and Shannon go wait at the truck for the guy with the phone, McBroFace goes to collect firewood, and the other girl goes to search for the other other girl.

Honestly at this point, the only one I don’t want to see die is Steve. He actually seems like a nice guy and wants to do stuff like hike and camp. McBroFace is a complete douchebag tool, his two lady friends are just pothead wastes that are only around to be naked for one scene and have no real personality, and Shannon spends the ENTIRE trip bitching and rolling her eyes at people. Steve’s only real sin is having shitty friends.

Well, the killer finds McBroFace first, and finally kills him. However, it is not a satisfying death because McBroFace continues to to talk while being killed. Then the girl that was searching for the other girl finds her. She finds it weird that she isn’t responding. When she holds the lantern higher, she realizes someone is holding her head. We then find out that her friend is also without a body.

That’s something I probably would have noticed rather sooner. Anywho, she runs off and finds McBroFace’s corpse. Then the axe murderer kills her.

Shannon and Steve sit in the truck for most of the night, with Shannon continuing to bitch over and over and over again that they should just leave. Now, this is all justified if they knew murder was going on. However, they don’t know anything and Shannon is telling him to drive off and leave the other three there and that Steve can come back and get them when she is home. Steve finally relents to drive on the rims, but the car won’t start. Steve gets out to check under the hood and the axe murderer shows up and kills him. Oh well, guess the sin of shitty friends is enough to get you killed.

Shannon hides and falls asleep until morning. When she wakes up, she finds Steve’s blood all over the front of the truck and then the guy with the phone comes over to comfort her as she is freaking out. Then the Axe murderer shows up and kills Shannon and the second red herring. Credits roll.

This movie sucked. Worst part is I had to pay for it. If it becomes available to stream for free, might be worth watching just for mockery, but do NOT waste money on this trash heap.

Tomorrow: (draws a piece of paper from the bucket) . . . You have got to be kidding me. CAN WE GET OUT OF THE DAMN WOODS ALREADY?!?

Don’t go in the Woods


Tonight: Don’t Go in the Woods

So this is the most basic of basic slasher flicks. People go into the woods and suddenly start getting killed. There’s no real timeline for the film, but these are very crowded woods apparently because random forest goers get killed every 5 minutes or so.

We mainly follow four characters, Peter, Craig, Joanne, and Ingrid. Craig is actually prepared and knows about survival in the woods. Naturally he dies first. Peter is just here to party and is tired of all this walking around. Ingrid and Joanne are the names of the two women.

While our main characters are just walking around the woods, people are dying all around them. The film opens with one woman running for her life, then cuts to a man bird watching. The man then gets hit in the face by something. Then his arm gets cut off by . . . something. And he is then presumed dead. Later we meet DALE and his wife, who keeps shouting his name. DALE goes on ahead and DALE’s wife keeps calling for him. We then see DALE getting choked by his Camera strap, before we see DALE’s corpse dashed at the bottom of a cliff. We then see DALE’s wife dragged off screen bleeding.

Our main characters continue splashing around in the water, completely oblivious to DALE’s corpse being about 20 feet away. We then meet DICK and his romantic partner, who keeps shouting his name. DICK is trying to get things going in his VW van, but his lady of the evening sees something outside and before DICK can get anything going, he has to go settle whatever is going on out there. DICK goes out into the woods with his gun and DICK’s lady stays in the can. DICK next shows up bleeding heavily has he is thrown against the van window. Then something shoves the van, DICK, and DICK’s lady over a cliff. More people get killed as the movie goes along by getting impaled on an easel, killed with a falling bear trap, and even decapitated after while just sitting in a wheel chair.

At about halfway through the film, the killer finally gets around to the main characters and is revealed to be some crazy mountain man with a weird string noose looking thing tied across his face. He kills Craig, and the others all run for their life. Peter finds a stick and ends up killing another camper because he mistakes him for the mountain man. Peter and Ingrid manage to make it back to town but have left Joanne to die. Joanne finds the mountain man’s cabin and then the mountain man comes home and cuts her a dozen times with his machete before she finally dies.

Peter tells the police and sheriff about the murders and they are setting up a man hunt. Peter can’t wait and decides to go back into the woods to find Joanne. After the police find the mountain man’s cabin and Joanne’s body, they bring Ingrid into the woods. . .because. She then gets separated from the police and finds Peter. Peter then finds the mountain man and HURLS A SPEAR INTO HIM?!? What the hell, Peter? Did you learn Javelin throwing in colle- oh right, that is a thing. Anywho, Ingrid and Peter then spend some decent time stabbing the mountain man with a stick and the mountain man’s machete. The police show up after they have finished killing the mountain man, and everything comes to a neat conclusion.

This film was shot on mostly shaky cam, it was difficult to see what was happening a lot of the time because it was just crappy video quality. The audio was almost all dubbed over, and the version we watched apparently was missing the soundtrack. Though according to Cinema Snob, the soundtrack does not improve things, and at times, covers up the actual dialogue.

So yeah, bad movie all around.

Tomorrow: so why shouldn’t we go into the woods? Because they’re EVIL!

The Legend of Hallowaiian


Tonight: The Legend of Hallowaiian

So, I was wondering what to do this year after my spectacular failure last year. I wasn’t even sure I was going to do anything this year.

Then as I was sitting in my pod at work, a trailer popped up that had been playing for weeks about this Pineapple Headed monster running around in an animated film. This movie looked horrible and the only reason to watch it would be to mock it. That’s when I came up with the idea for watching all the worst movies.

So yes, this is the movie that inspired me to watch a whole bunch of bad movies this year. So how bad would it suck if the movie actually turned out to be GOOD!

Don’t worry, that did NOT happen.

So to get the basics out of the way, the animation is horrible. Just plain bad. This movie looks like the animatics of other good movies. Other film studios would pay millions more to get the water to look like water, the smoke to behave like smoke, and have the characters eyes looking in the same direction more consistently. But the producer decided, “Eh, close enough, ship it out.”

So this movie revolves around three kids in Hawaii who find a secret cave, with a secret chest, with a secret D&D miniature figurine inside. Despite the warnings of his friends, Kai opens the chest and finds the miniature. Then a really low quality N64 cave-in happens. Despite Kai and his friend Leilani leaving their friend Eddie to die, he somehow survives.

His friends then lie to his grandfather about opening the chest and then his grandfather tells them the tale of Pineapple Head and how Maui and the Islanders from Moana defeated him.

Meanwhile, we learn that Kai’s mother worked for Nasa and gave Kai a moon rock. Kai lets Eddie wear it with his astronaut Hallowee- I mean Hallowaiian costume as an apology for leaving him to die. Yeah, that’s a thing in this film. Whenever someone calls the holiday Halloween, they get harshly corrected that it is Hallowaiian.

As they go out trick or treating, they are given King Hawaiian rolls by the first house they come to. This just strikes me as the movie thinking this is what Hawaii is like after watching Moana and eating King’s Hawaiian bread. So Pineapple Head is following the kids and despite Eddie seeing Pineapple Head and registering him as a threat, he just casually walks away as Pineapple Head takes a swipe at him. Then when Pineapple Head grows even larger and attacks the children, he corners eddie and makes a slow swipe at Eddie which he slowly dodges, then another swipe, which he again dodges. Eddie the decides to run and Pineapple Head starts destroying things. Kai decides to abandon his friends to die and runs off in a different direction. Eddie and Leilana manage to escape Pineapple Head with the help of tiny neon colored hamsters.

These Hamsters apparently can build anything, including helicopters, ziplines, and even a giant pretend pineapple head. They apparently can also summon Kai from another dimension where they apparently hid him for safekeeping after rescuing him from Pineapple Head earlier.

Kai and his friends decide to take the moon rock that Pineapple Head is chasing them for up to mount doom and toss it into the lava to destroy it. Eddie manages to get to the lip of the volcano(after being flown in a whirley-bird made out of bamboo and coconuts) and instead of throwing it into the volcano, he just stands there until Pineapple Head walks up, takes it from him, and walks away.

Kai and his friends then summon the Lava Goddess in order to help stop Pineapple Head. The Lava Goddess tells Kai that the moon is what gives Pineapple head his power and they must cut off the moon to defeat him.

Sounds to me like the exact opposite message from Avatar: The last Airbender.

The Lava Goddess also tells Kai to summon ancient warriors from a nearby graveyard to stop Pineapple head. While he is doing that, Eddie and Leluna go into a head on assault on Pineapple head with the Whirleybird. They get swatted out of the sky.

Kai then shows up with an army of ripped blue meanies. They do absolutely nothing, but Kai gets close enough to pumpkin head to steal the moon rock back, the lava goddess blocks out the moon, and then sharks come and chow down on pineapple head until he is back to figurine size. After we assume Kai has died for a second, a couple of sharks bring Kai back to shore. You know, instead of eating him. They seriously push him right up to the beach, then just reverse back into the water.

So Kai shirks is responsibility as new guardian of pineapple head’s chest and gives it to the blue meanies to watch over. Then the credits roll.

This movie is just ridiculously bad in animation, story, voice acting, and focusing on what they need to focus on. Leluno asks the hamsters when she is on the whirley bird whether they included parachutes and the joke was that they made tiny ones for the hamsters. However they never angle the “camera” at the tiny parachute, they just have the hamster barely pull one into frame and Lonulo just suddenly look at it in her hand. But instead of looking at her hand, we see her face looking at her hand. There was also a scene of Pineapple Head chasing A fake Kai made by the Hamsters, but we don’t notice it is a fake Kai until we get a birds eye wide shot of Pineapple head knocking the fake kai over instead of getting a shot of Pineapple Head thinking he caught Kai, then cutting to the fake kai and then Pineapple Head realizing he’s been duped. It is just badly done.

Ultimately, this is the laughably bad movie I wanted, so I guess Success?

What am I winning here?

Tomorrow: With all the evil vegetation larely, maybe it’s best we stay out of the Woods. . .