Nudist Colony of the Dead


Tonight: Nudist Colony of the Dead

Yeah, we’re going all in with this thing.

I’ve been aware that this movie exists for many years. Because of one video that a friend sent me online. The song “Inky Dinky Doodah Morning.” It’s just mind boggling.

That’s right, this movie is a Musical. The music is kind of catchy. This movie is intentional comedy, but that doesn’t stop it from being bad.

A nudist colony gets ousted by a church, so the nudists commit suicide and curse the land they are on so that anytime a religious function is held on their land, they will rise again and kill everyone.

The group that is going there for this film is at least the third group to go out there. And yes, by the end a fourth group is on their way out.

The nudity is surprisingly low(outside of all the naked people). There are no sex scenes or anything like a typical camp slasher film, just a lot of wordplay.

One funny thing, the movie starts with an apology for the poor lighting and cinematography, but then the credits include the lighting director to be Ray Charles, the director of photography being Stevie Wonder, and gives special commendation to the Cameraman’s Seeing Eye Dog.

I recommend checking this movie out, if only to spread the insanity to others. It is available on Amazon Prime.

Tomorrow: Well, considering some Christmas songs and decorations are already creeping in, might as well get a Christmas movie on this list. Come to think of it, tomorrow is Garbage day.

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