A Meowy Halloween


Tonight: A Meowy Halloween

This is essentially a long youtube video.

A detective is apparently cursed because his father arrested a psychic for practicing without a permit. So he is basically cursed to be a fool and be constantly harassed by the supernatural. Oh and he has a cat that is trying to solve a ghost mystery.

If you enjoy random references to everything, you might enjoy this. This movie is built on you enjoying the cute pets and the movie references. If you can survive on that alone, this is your movie.

The movie just doesn’t have a lot of plot or things to hold my interest. The detective is investigating a lady’s house where children arrive, and a few hours later, witches, ninjas, and monsters leave. While he is doing this, his partner describes other situations going on that are much more exciting. Rinse and repeat about 3 or 4 times.

He eventually ends up beating up a random guy in a costume, and once he finds out it is just a guy in a costume, he claims to have been fearing for his safety and claims that allows cops to get away with anything.

Go to hell movie.

So he then finds out the lady makes costumes for other people for free and then the detective is about to hit on the costume maker, until she introduces him to her wife. As a punch line.

Once again, go to hell movie.

Ultimately, I do enjoy the references, but outside of that, it’s a stupid movie. Didn’t expect anything really good, so I guess it meets expectations. Unfortunately.

Tomorrow: So we went from Birds, to Cats, so maybe it is time to give canines a chance.

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