Bohemian Rhapsody

This Week: Bohemian Rhapsody

I really regret not going to a Queen concert. Even though that is not really possible for me to attend or appreciate at any point in my life.


This movie was AWESOME! You feel like you are at a Queen concert at times. The actors all did fantastic jobs in their roles. The music is amazing. The production is just above and beyond throughout. Honestly if you are a fan of Queen, you will enjoy the hell out of this movie.

There are some bits that are off for me though. Starting out, the band seems to come together ridiculously easily and manage to become famous and popular almost without issue. This might be how it went, but it just seems like we went from no ones to a household name without much effort. This corrects later in the film when the vh1 behind the music tragedies begin, but it seemed weird at the beginning.

Also they play with the timeline at times, as typical of movies like this. The only reason I know this is because we see them come up with “We Will Rock You” AFTER Freddie Mercury cuts his hair and grows the stache, but I know for a fact they were performing that song before Freddie Mercury changed his look.

Finally they include the classic “Sad scenes in the rain” which as a film reviewer I have to criticize it, but DAMN IT they are just so cool!

Anywho, unless you hate Queen and good things, you will enjoy this movie.

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