Ralph Wrecks the Internet

Tonight: Ralph Wrecks The Internet

(I don’t care what the actual title is)

I only saw Wreck it Ralph once in theaters, and I can’t remember if I was a bug fan of it then. I remember finding the fix it felix and the Alien swarm woman story funny, but the actual Ralph story was bland. The funniest part was the references to other video games.

This one is based entirely on internet references. Which can be extremely hit or miss. In this case it just hits a middle. It gets the internet right, but it doesn’t really cause one to burst out laughing, more just a “ha, I get it.”

Also any movie that explores the internet and is PG is missing the best jokes.

I think the best part is the mid and after credit stingers. Be sure to stay after the credits for a sneak peak at Frozen 2!

I would say if you enjoyed Wreck It Ralph, you might like this, but if you weren’t a fan, expect more of the same.

Next Week: Well, I’m sitting in Robin Hood right now, and can’t find any new movies next week, so. . .

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