A Meowy Christmas


Tonight: A Meowy Christmas

So one of the most regrettable Halloween movies I had to watch was actually a sequel to this film.

The movie follows Detective Wally Griswald, no relation, who is investigating a pair of burglars who break into people’s homes while they are on vacation and steal all their valuables and (gasp) THEIR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!

The movie also follows Detective Griswald’s cat, Whiskers, and his rat, Chuck. They watch an info wars parody, “Data Battles.” From this they surmise that aliens are stealing christmas.

The two storylines come to a head when Detective Griswald is entrusted with a family heirloom worth a LOT of money(which is only communicated through ear whispers), and the only person he tells about the heirloom is the two burglars as they are stealing from the Parkers, whose oldest son went blind from soap poisoning.

Griswald disguises himself as a Christmas present and sets himself on the curb. The burglars ignore this and attempt to break in and steal the heirloom. Fortunately the pets go home alone on their asses and manage to delay them just long enough for Santa to arrive. He knocks out the burglars and wraps them up(literally of course) for Detective Griswald.

Detective Geiswald returns the heirloom, and discovers the woman he was low key hitting on the entire movie is married. The end.

If you enjoy talking pets and references to other, better, Christmas movies, feel free to check this out. It’s short, but my god it could be shorter.

Tomorrow: Well, I guess I would be remiss if I watched one talking cat christmas special and didn’t watch the OTHER one.

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