Mary Poppins Returns

This Week: Mary Poppins Returns

Well, we finally got the sequel to Mary Poppins that apparently someone out there wanted. And of course because it is 53 years after the original, it is going to be hit or miss.

I would say it was a hit, but only because they fired the arrow, then painted the bullseye around it after it landed.

Emily Blunt is FANTASTIC, as expected. There is no one in this that doesn’t do a good job. My only problem is that this is very paint by numbers to be a good Mary Poppins film. They have the real world banking problem, they have the animated sequence, they have Mary Poppins wacky relative that they visit, they have the chimney sweep scene(except this time it’s leeries(lamplighters)), and then the ending kite scene(balloons this time).

I would say there are only two real memorable songs, that being “Trip The Light Fantastic”(which makes me think of the Terry Pratchett novel), and “A Cover is not the Book”(which is pretty raunchy for Mary Poppins). There’s another song I really liked, “The Conversation,” which is a softer, sadder song, but I like it. I just don’t know how it fairs on the “memorable” scale.

In the end, I recommend people see it, because it is very well done, but the only reason I saw it was because my family wanted to see it. Otherwise I would have skipped it and nothing would have been lost.

Next Week: AquaBee!

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