The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

This Week: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

I’m surprised we were still able to see this one in Theaters.  We wanted to see it, but at the time I think we just couldn’t make it out to movies for one reason or another and we kept putting it off.

This being a sequel, I first have to talk about the OTHER movie.  I really enjoyed the first Lego Movie.  I knew it was going to be a fun film, but like everyone else, it surprised me with how much heart it had when the “big reveal” happened.

The thing is, now all the cards are played and you have to try and surprise us again.  Guess I gotta give a spoiler tag, just in case

They kind of can’t.  It is kind of well done how you observe the age gap in the children playing by how the Legos and Duplos interact.  The Lego characters all have rules on how things work and the Duplos just make things up as they go along.

Then there is a 5 year time jump.  Now the Lego characters are all dark and brooding.  Except for Emmett.  Cause he achieved Sentience somehow and is his own Character.  I guess?

Then a different set of Legos show up from the Sis-Star System.  They are now on a similar complexity of character that the Legos were in last movie.

The Sis-Star Legos kidnap Batman, Lucy(Wyld Style), Unicat, Ironbeard, and Spaceship guy.  Emmett goes off to save them and meets Rex.  The Lego gang meet the Queen Whatevra Wan’abi and she reveals that she wants to marry Lego Batman while explaining, in song, how she is totally not evil.  Emmett and Rex manage to save Lucy while the rest of the Legos appear to be brainwashed by a new catchy song.  Emmett learns how to “Master Break” and destroys the giant wedding cake/temple that the wedding is happening at.  We then learn that the Sis-Star legos are in fact NOT evil.  This is actually all a plot by Rex to have Emmett suffer and be lost and forgotten.  Because Rex is actually Emmett from the future.  Emmett apparently got lost under the Dryer and was forgotten while he watched the other Legos get played with.  So he used his sentience to go out, change his hair, vest, and draw on stubble, and then went back in time.

In the real world situation, the boy from the first movie is not getting along with his sister.  She wants to play legos with him, but he is “more mature” and doesn’t want to play her way.  So the mother keeps telling them that if they keep fighting about this, they will put all the legos in storage.  So the destroying of the cake tower was the last straw and all the legos must be put up.

Until the Boy decides to open them back up and play fairly with his sister.  Lucy saves Emmett from under the Dryer and Rex disappears a la Back to the Future.  Ending Song.

For the most part I enjoyed the movie.  I would say my one complaint is the Time Travel Emmett.  Everything in the Lego Movie sort of made sense from the “This is all a story made up by a Boy in his head.”  The time travel bit kind of breaks that making this more of a Toy Story situation where the Legos are acting independently.

The songs are catchy as hell.  A little bit too catchy.

If you still haven’t seen it, I do recommend checking it out.  It’s a worthy sequel, but not quite as good as the first.  Though I nearly died laughing at the Intermission.

Next Week:  Dumbo’s Unplanned Beach.  A flying elephant convinces 20,000 bums to get abortions, then feels guilty about it.

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