A Return to the Dark Universe

In 2017, I started what, at this point, would seemingly become a tradition of doing a series of movies in October that all fit a common theme.  In 2018 I did a series of horribly bad Halloween/Horror films.  In 2019 I have . . .plans.  But in 2017, I took on the Classic Universal Monster films.  Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, the Phantom of the Opera, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

I. . .lost.  I kind of broke down the reviews on Son of Frankenstein.  I got too wrapped up in typing up the reviews and it was taking too long to watch the movies.  So I dropped the review portion and just continued watching the movies.

I failed that, too.  I made it to The Phantom of the Opera, then just found it too cumbersome to try and force myself to watch a movie every night at the sacrifice of going out to a movie, or catching up on tv shows, or any number of things.  It didn’t help that what started out as short movies that lasted only about an hour turned into longer productions.  So it ultimately just became a chore, and because I wasn’t even posting reviews by that point, I just determined I would drop it and pick it up later.

I considered picking it up again for Halloween 2018, but I wasn’t sure whether to start again from the beginning, which would be simply rewatching the first few movies, or pick up where I left off, which would leave me several movies short of 30.  Instead, I decided to do the bad movies Marathon and save the other idea I had for 2019.

So the time has come to revisit the dark.  To remember what originally inspired fear in mortal minds.  Review the films that captured the imaginations of horror writers and movie makers for generations to come.  I was thwarted before, but I will return to the dark to take up arms against the Classic Universal Monsters ONCE MORE!


At a reasonably paced weekly posting as opposed to posting a review a day.  That was just too much.  I’ll post the old reviews shortly and then try and have a schedule set up.

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