Frankenstein (1931)

Originally posted October 2nd, 2017



And when I say Frankenstein, I mean both The mad scientist and the monster. Cause people tend to supply their last name to the life they create, you smug a**holes!

Even more so than Dracula, the tale of Frankenstein is ingrained into Pop culture and cinema history that I knew most of this film before ever watching it. When I first watched the Godfather it was much the same way. I knew the scenes through parody and homage before I ever knew the original source.

The acting of Henry Frankenstein(Colin Clive) and his creation(Boris Karloff) are just phenomenal highlights of this film. The script handed to Colin Clive just gave him the best lines and he had such great delivery. Hell, it was Henry Frankenstein’s line and delivery in the Dark Universe trailer that made me want to check out these old movies more than anything else.

Some thoughts as the movie played:

-The monster-? Apparently they did not include Boris Karloff’s name in the original title card at the beginning. Either to raise suspense or because Bela Lugosi was previously attached, who knows.

-Wouldn’t it be easier to just notate which grave is fresh and come back an hour or so later? Instead of watching one man bury the body for hours, then undo all the work again?

-is that Van Helsing?!?(it is!)

-so. . . why is the skeleton on a bungee chord?

-Also Renfield plays Igor


-dude, use some gloves.

-Fritz, while running up the stairs, stops to pull up one sock on his leg, then continues on. So was that an actor choice, scene direction? What?

-So we have Henry Frankenstein, but also have a Victor?

-Why all these weird choices and changes?

-If i ever have children, I am giving the “It’s ALIVE!” Speech in the delivery room.

-And rather abrupt scene change to a pleasant afternoon tea.

-There is no other woman, the wedding is being delayed because Henry’s busy creating monsters.

-Henry Frankenstein has such great lines and delivery.

-Walking backwards onto set? Was reverse just easier?

-Fritz you fucking dick! Igor would have never pulled this shit!

-Well, Fritz is dead. . . I guess?

-Damnit, he killed someone who abused and bullied him. I guess our only choice is to abuse and bully him before we kill him.

-Quick, Hide the body! My father thinks I’m having an affair!

-Is that the front door? I dunno, you walked up to the place.

-Knock once, “THERE DOESN’T SEEM TO BE ANYONE HERE!” It’s a big place, WAIT A DAMN SECOND! You’re not UPS!

-Baron Frankenstein needs to bugger right off. He’s annoying as hell.

-Yeah, Van Helsing not quite showing the craftiness he did in Dracula. And now he’s dead.

-Yeah, I would like at least a followup on the destruction of my life’s work instead of just moving onto my wedding and forgetting about it. Did no one think to invite Professor Waldman?

-No drinking on the job, you’re all fired.

-Yeah, that child is strangling that cat. Get in there Creature and save that CAT!

-oh yes. . . They float. . .You’ll float too!

-yeah, I guess she couldn’t swim. . . Even though we see her treading water briefly. Cut scene for Super Drowning Skills.

-She has the Shine! This is connected to the Dark Tower! EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!

-So are you slow and lumbering or are you a cat burglar? Pick one, Creature!

-Dude, this is a wedding, you’re killing the mood with your dead daughter.

-Alright, there’s a guy carrying around a dead body, STOP DANCING!

-“She drowned. . .She’s been murdered!” Or she couldn’t swim? What evidence do you have she did anything more than fall into the lake?

-Henry Frankenstein changed outfits?!?

-Who are you searching for?!? Unless Frankenstein is just VERY forthcoming about the creature, nobody knows who they are looking for.

-search the mountains? Am I just too modern and comfortable to think searching mountains is a relatively difficult endeavor.

-My, that night sky has a few wrinkles in it.

-Well shit, fire doesn’t work anymore. Congrats on getting through your pyrophobia through immersion therapy!

-yeah, the monster isn’t as misunderstood as the hype would like you to believe. He killed Fritz in self defense, yes, and the flower girl was an accident, but he intentionally killed Dr. Waldman, intentionally attacked Frankenstein’s fiancé, and intentionally tried to murder Henry Frankenstein.

-Ah, rag doll physics at their best.

-“Lets take him down to the village, and take him home.” Momentarily forgetting the angry mob mentality.

-Okay yes, got over fear of torches, getting over your fear of burning to death in a windmill is probably a little too much to expect.

-Guys, the windmill is engulfed, step back a safe distance.

-Henry’s alive, monsters dead, end film.

-Now let’s just all keep quiet about Henry’s involvement in causing three confirmed deaths.

So yeah, another movie that is not scary in the slightest, but very well done. I enjoy the story much more here and they do a better job presenting the tale.

Tomorrow night: Life has been given to a new creation, but now life shall be returned to one who was long since . . . placed under wraps.

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