Spider-man: Far From Home (2019)

This Week: Spider-man: Far From Home (2019)

So we now have 5 movies with Tom Holland as Spider-man and I have to say, this is the one that finally opens him up as Spider-man.

Civil War was great when he took down Sam and Bucky, but since then we have largely seen Spider-man just sort of get by. Homecoming saw him get dragged all over creation by the Vulture and his gang. Infinity War and Endgame he basically was side fiddle to EVERYONE else in the Marvel universe and he was basically just a kid going along for the ride.

This movie has Spider-man finally coming into his own as a hero. And we finally get the high flying webslinging that we’ve been strategically avoiding because apparently people were sick of it with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield?

Do people just not like Spider-man being Spider-man? Do we really just want a kid who is over his head? Cause that is not the lesson I thought we learned from Into the Spider-verse.

Anywho, yeah, this movie is great, but I do need to talk about some stuff, that is Spoilery, so. . .

So, everyone who knows anything about the comics, cartoon, video games, or general history of Mysterio, get your best shocked Pikachu faces ready.

This is a major one.

That’s why I waited so long to post this, because I didn’t want to ruin this big spoiler with my lame blog.

It has nothing to do with basic laziness. It is Vigilance.

Okay, enough buffer. Are you ready?

(Clears throat)

Mysterio is the villain of the movie!

And he’s lying about the multiverse!

And the elementals aren’t real!

I know right?!? Mind blown!

So yeah, apparently it was a REALLY long con in order to get Peter Parker to hand over control of the Stark Satellites which include thousands of murder drones.

You know what Tony, stop handing murder tech to a high schooler. They just aren’t ready for that sort of thing.

So yeah, once Peter buys into Mysterio being the best man to inherit Stark’s satellites and murder drones, Mysterio goes into a long winded speech about his motivations and how his Team managed to pull off this endeavor. Specifically spelling it all out to his team. Which is just out of nowhere and oddly put in.

The rest of the movie is great and makes perfect sense why everything is happening and why things are being done that way. This scene is just weird and forced. Yes it is necessary to spell out why everyone is doing what they are doing and how they are pulling it off, but it needed to go back to formula.

(Speaking of forced. . .)

Okay fine I’ll stop.

One thing that is ACTUALLY kind of surprising is that Nick Fury isn’t Nick Fury.

It works on two levels, cause I said I would stop and then I didn’t.

It was mentioned early on that Numan Acar was cast as “Dimitri.” Well, in the comics, one of the Dimitri’s we know in relation to Spider-man is Dimitri Smerdyakov, also known as The Chameleon! Which would explain why Nick Fury so easily buys into Mysterio’s BS story. Because he’s IN ON IT!

However, turns out Dimitri is just a guy. Nick Fury buys into the story because he doesn’t have the same BS radar that the real Nick Fury has. Nick Fury in this movie is A SKRULL! And the real Fury is IN SPAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!

Oh and there is an important mid credits scene that I won’t spoil.

As I said, this movie was great and it is what I wanted from Spider-man for a while. I highly recommend it!

Next Week: StuberCrawl. Stu is an Uber Driver who now has to drive around Alligators in a Florida Hurricane.

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