The Lion King (2019)

. . .Oh snap, how long has it been since I updated this?

Okay, I think you exaggerate a little diamond dropper.  But seriously, last update was beginning of July and we’re coming up on the end of September and I have . . .machinations for October.

So considering I have AMC A-List and am able to see up to three movies a week, how many movies am I behind on?  10?  20?!?

(Checks AMC App)

5.  I am just throwing money away, aren’t I?

Oh well, Lets get started

This Week: The Lion King (2019)

How appropriate I come back with a movie about the main character shirking his responsibilities for a vast portion of the movie until he comes back at the end.

Come to think of it, that is what Spider-man: Far From Home was about as well.

So, of the three versions of The Lion King I have seen, this is the worst.  The animated movie and the Broadway production are better.  However, if the other two didn’t exist, this would be my favorite.  Because really, it is the exact same movie.

Like the live action version of Aladdin before it, the “live action” version of Lion King tries to change a few things up.  However it is a LOT more faithful and only changes a few jokes here and there.  Largely making jokes on what you expected and subverting those expectations.

The biggest problem with this movie is that they are trying to walk the line between giving the animals realistic expressions and trying to give them the emotions of humans.  Unfortunately they err too much on the side of “realism” and it means the characters look bored most of the time.

However the greatest sin was all but cutting Be Prepared.  All we get is a brief talking of the first verse and then BE PREPARED and we’re done.  Everyone else we got competent singers(and Seth Rogen) to fill in the roles, and for Scar we get a worse singer than JEREMY IRONS?!?  WHY?  We could have had an AMAZING rendition of Be Prepared.  But nope, a small nod and then nothing.

Most of the voice actors do okay, but make me miss the original cast.  John Oliver as Zazu is absolutely on point in his performance and the guy who plays Timon is spectacular.  Seth Rogen is hit or miss as Pumba.  Everyone else is middle of the road.

I’m still not sure whether this is a MORE animated version or LESS animated version of The Lion King.  But this is still going to be a good introduction for a whole new generation to the Lion King.  And then they can watch the animated and Broadway versions and put this one away.

Next Week: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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