Private House of the SS


Tonight: Private House of the SS or SS Girls

So. . . I might have misjudged this movie a little bit. I first heard of this film while watching the Spoony Experiment’s review of Strike Commando. He mentions Private House of the SS as one of Bruno Mettai’s earliest and better work. The movie clips he showed had a very gothic appearance and just absurd dialogue. So when I started coming up with a list of movies for this seemed like a fantastic fit. I found it on YouTube and figured that this would be just a weird entry.

Weird entry is right, but this doesn’t really have the gothic horror themes I originally assumed. There is a creepy scene in the middle of the film that seems like we’re entering horror mode, but it is just a one off and the movie continues as normal.

So yeah, the movie is about a Nazi officer who is tasked with sniffing out traitors and executing them. So he decides to open a brothel that caters exclusively to high ranking Nazi officers. He then uses the women to discover who is plotting against Hitler and executes them. Then a Nazi Officer who started using brutal and bloody tactics against innocent civilians in some battle of the war is to be put down. So they set up a spooky scenario and he ends up being killed by one of his own soldiers. After one of the women is slighted by the Officer running the brothel, she tells Nazi high command that he is boasting about being the new Furor. So they tell him they are shutting him down and he has to kill himself. Then Hitler dies and everyone kills themselves.

Oh and there are a whole ton of really odd sex scenes scattered throughout.

Worst part is none of the sex scenes are really skippable. I mean they are, but in attempting to do so you will likely miss some of the more hilarious and odd moments.

My advice is if you want to watch a really odd film, check this out, but I would say lock the door and have a safe window available to click away to. Because if someone walks in on you watching this, there is absolutely NO WAY to quickly explain away why you have what appear to be Nazi Porn on your screen. You just have to tip the Dominos driver extra and never order from that store again.

I swear I’m slowly getting myself placed on a list somewhere. . .

Tomorrow: Well, I think I diverted a little in this Halloween/Horror movies list. I should be safe with this next one though. It has Terror right in the title!

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