The Terror of Tiny Town


Tonight: The Terror of Tiny Town

I. . . I really gotta vet these movies a little more before adding them to the list.

Terror of Tiny Town is a western. It mainly revolves around a cattle rustler trying to turn two ranchers against each other by making them each think the other rancher is stealing the cattle. The Hero(that is what he is credited as) discovers his plot and eventually gets into a fist fight with the Villain before leaving him to die in a house that has lit dynamite in it.

That’s all there really is to it.

Oh, right, and it is performed by an all little person cast.

Yeah, they all ride shetland ponies and routinely have gags revolving around little people interacting with normal sized fixtures. Which is honestly weird. This is a town, presumably, made by and for little people, so why would they have buildings and fixtures that are designed for taller people. One joke is routinely showing a little person walking UNDER the batwing saloon doors. Get it? Because they’re SHORT!

Also, I’m not 100%, but I’m pretty sure that they messed with the audio so that all the voices sound higher pitched. I might have gotten too used to Peter Dinklage, but I just don’t think the average little person sounds like they are sucking helium.

The biggest problem with this movie is that it is BORING! The short jokes are what this movie is banking on and they aren’t that funny, just eye rolling.

Tomorrow: Okay, enough is enough. We have spent far too much time on movies with budgets, plots, and absolutely nothing to do with Halloween or Horror. We need a return to form! (Checks Amazon Prime recommendations)

Oh. . . This will do. . .

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