Reefer Madness The Movie Musical


Tonight: Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

I’m cheating on this one. I had absolutely no doubt that I would enjoy this movie and the production values and cast are all on the up and up. It has Alan Cumming in it. Quality guaranteed.

Yes, there is stilted acting in this, but it is intentional. The main reason I can justify this being on the list is the ridiculous subject matter.

For those of you who are unaware, Reefer Madness was a 1938 film designed to scare people away from marijuana use by making it seem like one use will drive young men to insanity and turn young women into coked out prostitutes.

They attribute hyperactivity, mania, and violent mood swings to marijuana, which is more applicable to just about any other drug EXCEPT marijuana.

So the basic story is Alan Cumming is trying to warn about the dangers of marijuana by showing the story of Jimmy Harper. Jimmy Harper starts out as the gosh golly pride of his high school. He and Kristin Bell are gushing about Romeo AND Juliet, and how they hope Romeo and Juliet get married and have babies at the end (they never actually manage to finish the play).

Jimmy gets tricked into smoking “the stuff” and immediately spirals into a life of debauchery. Most of it just sitting next to John Kassir scream laughing while smoking multiple joints at once(okay I guess they get it part right).

Eventually Jimmy kills a guy while driving high and is about to go on the lamb, when he discovers pot brownies and goes right back to the pot house. Kristin Bell follows him to the Pot house, takes one hit of “the stuff” and become a BDSM dominatrix. Jimmy sees Kristin Bell having sex with John Kassir and starts beating up John Kassir. Kristin Bell snaps out of her whatever just in time to get accidentally shot to death while Jimmy is knocked unconscious struggling with the drug dealer for the gun.

Jimmy is woken up and convinced he pulled the trigger, and is arrested and sentenced to death for murder.

John Kassir goes crazy and gets the munchies so bad he kills one of the girls at the pot house and starts eating her arm and cuts off her head. He is later impaled on a pole.

After the last remaining woman at the pot house murders the drug dealer, she tracks down Franklin D. Roosevelt while covered in blood and convinces him to pardon Jimmy. Jimmy then decides to spend his days convincing everyone drugs are bad m’kay!

This movie is honestly fantastic in its absurdity and I recommend everyone go watch it right now. Available on Amazon Prime!

Tomorrow: Speaking of Musicals about Cannibals. . .

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