Tonight: Troll

So I went into this expecting a stupid horror movie that wouldn’t be AS bad as Troll 2 but still bad. Sadly I was disappointed.

This movie turned out to be pretty decent. It’s not really a horror movie, but more of a fantasy film in the same genre as Labyrinth and Neverending Story. Obviously without the same level of effects, but still not terrible.

Harry Potter and his family move into their new apartment and one the first day his daughter gets kidnapped by a troll in the Dungeon- er I mean Laundry room. The troll then uses his magic ring to transform into the little girl and proceed to act very strangely.

We then meet the other apartment dwellers after the troll sets off the fire alarm during one of his fits. We meet Sonny Bono, Cannon Fodder, Ellen from Seinfeld, her spongeworthy of the movie, and the witch that lives upstairs.

The little girl starts going from apartment to apartment, turning the residents into fairies and slowly turning the apartments into pocket fairy dimensions. Keep in mind that when I say fairies, I mean fairy folk which include all manner of fantasy creatures, including trolls.

While this is going on, Harry Potter, Jr., played by Atreyu from Neverending story, is drawn to the Witch who lives upstairs because he is the only one who realizes something is SERIOUSLY wrong with his sister. The Witch bonds with Harry Potter Jr and tells him that the apartment building is slowly being turned into a fairyland by her ex-boyfriend Torok. Torok started a war between fairies and humans and after the humans won, he was forever turned into a troll. She then gives him a spear, forgetting to also give him the golden helmet, and tells him to wait for something giant to show up.

She then decides to go young-face and take another spear to fight Torok. She ends up losing and gets turned into a tree stump. Harry Potter, Jr finds his sister, but gets the spear taken by Torok because he set it down while helping his sister wake up. The giant monster that is the center of Torok’s fairy world then tries to kill Harry Potter Jr and his sister. Because Torok needed the little girl alive he ends up using the golden spear to kill the giant monster and destroying all his plans.

The Harry Potter family decide to leave the apartment and when one of the responding officers decides to investigate, he ends up getting kidnapped by the troll.

One thing that kept getting me in this movie was that a weird thing would happen, I would see it as something to mock, then it would end up making sense. One example is the fact that the witch looks like an old woman, but when she decides to go after torok herself, she changes to look significantly younger. For seeming no reason. But then thinking about it, of course if she was just waiting around for Torok to make his move, she would not want to look young and ravishing, because that would invite too much attention, whereas everyone tends to avoid the old lady.

Honestly, I think this is a pretty good movie all things considered. You just have to forgive some silly effects and not compare it to the much higher budgeted movies that I compared it to that were made around the same time.

Tomorrow: A poster that appears in this movie gave me the idea for the next movie. Perhaps you’d know it under the title Ragewar: The Challenges of Excalibrate? (Dude, I don’t know what to tell you, I’ve never heard of this movie!)

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