So as November comes to a close, we try and focus on the upcoming holiday with cheer in our hearts and joy in our souls.

But not for me. I have apparently been a very naughty boy who needs to be punished. And because our local dominatrix refuses to dress like Mrs. Claus because she is unwilling be associated with a lie used to force morality on children, I’m stuck with watching crappy holiday movies in. . .


Fortunately I had a little more planning for this one instead of coming up with the idea the day of. Doesn’t mean I have a full list and I don’t even have access to all the videos at this point and just hope I can find them all.

Same rules as the Halloween list go. These are all movies that I have not seen before. Or else Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas would be ALL OVER THIS LIST! Which would be ironic considering it’s also on my Favorite Christmas movie list from last year. Also these are also not simply poorly reviewed movies, cause damn, I could just randomly turn on the Hallmark channel once a day and have my list. Also every list I’ve seen includes Jingle All the Way, which I’ve determined is the Jason X of Holiday movies. Yeah it’s not a GREAT movie but I don’t think it deserves the hate.

So tomorrow night join me as I endure a gauntlet of Horrible Holiday movies that make me wish for that stake of Holly through my heart that Mr. Scrooge was offering.

Picture Credit: Which sadly will not be on this list due to apparently coming in 2019. And the trailer actually looks not bad. Oh well.

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