This Week: Aquaman

You will believe a man can talk to fish.

I genuinely enjoyed this film. Yes, I eye rolled several times during this film, but nothing breaks the film.

I think DC does well when they focus on one character and tell that story instead of trying to cram all the characters into one film.

Except Man of Steel. F*** that movie.

So if they start building up these single character films and then maybe put them all together.


King Orm is a decent main villain. His story is somewhat compelling and the interplay between him an Aquaman is pretty decent.

Black Manta is a lot of fun. I would have changed it up a little, but in the end I liked him a lot.

I forget that his most unique power is his ability to communicate with sea life. And by that I mean that other Atlantean’s cannot do that. And they are all surprised he can do this.

Even though Batman figured it out. Alright, point for Batman.

I do not approve of the toilet humor in this film, but they restrain it to just two jokes. One more literal than the other.

So check it out, I recommend if you want a good DC film, this one is for you.

Next Week: On the Basis of Holmes and Vice

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